The Best Designer Tips to Give Style to Your Bedside Table

Published On June 12, 2019 | By Tracy Tom | Interior

The bedside tables have a way of attracting clutter in everyday life … Is there really a way to better organize the storage of objects that we keep at hand every night and make this small furniture, added value?

We spoke with the best interior designers to discover their favorite methods to maximize this small area while making it an elegant focal point in the bedroom. Instead of using your nightstand as a tote, you can give it a functional and attractive style with these simple ideas:

Be Creative with Personal Touches

Books: Choose beautiful books – it can be the color, the font, or the subject that attracts you – and make a pretty little pile.

Table Lamp: Have fun with your table lamp. It can be a decorative piece or something that completes the whole article. Make sure the ladder is suitable for the space you have.

Personal Touches: Add something a little fanciful or sentimental. These small pieces make a nightstand from bored to perfect elegance!

Style and Technology in Mind

This interior decorator offers practical tips for integrating your technology needs while creating a beautiful nightstand: they think the first rule of thumb is to start with what you need. Are you a player with lots of remote controls? So, find a beautiful box to put them away. The way we use our bedside tables should also determine how we shape them.

Consider the Functionality

Lighting: The lighting of a bedroom is essential because you want to create a warm and soft atmosphere to create a quiet environment for bedtime. Choose a lamp that doesn’t take the whole night table. If your bedside tables are small, opt for a wall mounted wall lamp above the nightstand to have more space for styling and storage of essentials.

Mirrors: If your room is small, a mirror mounted on the wall behind the bedside table can enlarge the room.

Ring Holder or Jewelry Box: A box or small box to store your ring, watch and jewelry is vital to keep your bedside table tidy.

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