Why You Should Get Pool Certification

Published On December 19, 2019 | By Paul Petersen | Interior

After a few months of dealing with dust and noise from construction, you are now the proud owner of a pool on your property. You might be looking forward to relaxing afternoons and poolside barbecues, watching your loved ones plunge in and swim around.

But here’s a question before you open your pool for use: Have you secured pool certification yet?

It may sound minor at first, but certification is a necessity for any Australian who owns a pool. In fact, you ought to get your own pool certified before anything else. Here are 4 reasons to get pool certification for your property.

5 Reasons You Should Get Pool Certification for Your Property

  1. Its a legal requirement

The most obvious reason to get a pool certified in Australia is because its a legal requirement.  You can’t use your pool or even in some circumstances move into your home if the pool fencing has not been certified.  If your slab has made your fence shorter, than pool based bamboo cladding is a great quick fix for fence height issues.

  1. To Protect Loved Ones and Visitors

Did you know that drowning is one of the top causes of death in children throughout Australia? For children under the age of five in particular, 60% of deaths are by drowning.

It’s definitely a plus if young children learn how to swim early on. Proper and constant adult supervision is also a must when there are family gatherings by the poolside. However, just the two of these cannot completely drown-proof children.

Little adventurers and young visitors can wander into a pool area alone and fall in unnoticed if the pool doesn’t meet compliance standards. This is especially the case for pools with gates that don’t self-close and self-latch. Kids can also sneak in if the surrounding fence provides spaces to squeeze through. In the end, you’ll still want to secure pool certification if it means protecting your loved ones from unfortunate incidents.

  1. To Ensure Hassle-Free Sales and Rentals

If you’re planning to generate income from your property and its pool later on, you’d better secure pool certification first! While certification is already highly recommended for residential pool owners, it’s a must if you’re either selling or renting out a house with a pool. Other people who need to get pool certification include:

  • owners of a resort, hotel, motel, caravan park, or any accommodation property with a pool
  • real estate agents who either sell or rent out residential properties
  • managers of body corporates or community titles that have pools

You are required to secure a Compliance Certificate from a reputable pool fence inspector in order to renew property leases. Meanwhile, it’s possible to sell a property that has undergone inspection but received a Non-Compliance Certificate. It’s just that whoever buys the property has 90 days to fix up the pool for compliance.

  1. To Avoid Unnecessary Fines

Yes, you can receive heavy fines if the local government inspects your pool and sees that it isn’t certified or registered. Non-compliance can fetch you a penalty of up to $5,500. There may also be on-the-spot fines of $550.

  1. To Keep Your Pool in Top Shape for Longer

Safety concerns aside, certification requires your pool, its fittings & above ground pool ladders and steps to all be in good condition. Australian law requires owners to install a compliant pool fence with a self-closing gate, mark out a non-climbable zone area, block off suction pumps, and more.

Your pool fence may have to be repaired or replaced for this, coincidentally providing the opportunity for a poolside facelift. In addition, you may have to fix pool gates, trim surrounding flora, and get rid of any climbable debris. Getting your pool certified ultimately helps it last longer and may even increase its value!

With these 5 reasons, you’ll definitely want to get pool certification for your property. Although you might have to spend on a self-closing pool gate or compliant yet stylish bamboo cladding, you’ll thank yourself for making the extra effort in the long run.

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