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Published On March 11, 2021 | By Danny White | Interior


Wallpaper is an easy and inexpensive way to transform decor. It has become a trend in recent years, and there are more and more types and prints available on the market. You can peel off your wallpaper and stick another when it is old or damaged.

You Can Take Wallpaper With Water.

This is one of the simplest ways to remove a stick and remove wallpaper. Just fill a bucket with hot water and use the paint roller to wet the wall until the paper and glue soften. Then use the spatula to remove the material from the bottom up.

You Can Take Wallpaper With A Fabric Softener.

The second way to remove paper taped to the wall is with a mixture of fabric softener and hot water. The proportion is 1/4 of softener to 3/4 of water or 1/2 of softener and 1/2 of water. With the solution ready, apply it on the wall with the paint roller, let it soak for a few minutes, and use the spatula to remove the paper from the bottom up.

You Can Take Wallpaper With Vinegar.

The third method of removing wallpaper is with white vinegar and hot water. In a container, mix 1/5 of vinegar and 4/5 of water. Then use the paint roller to pass the solution over the wall until the paper and glue soften. To ensure that the smell leaves the room, leave the windows and doors open.

When you have removed it with either of the above methods, below are how to stick different wallpaper or kids room wallpaper  steps for a comfortable design.

  1. Measure The Wall

Measure the wall that will receive the paper, note the height and width – start from the baseboard to the ceiling, ceiling, or desired height for installation. If there are sockets and windows, also note your measurements for clippings.

  1. Clean And Prepare The Surface

Correct imperfections on the surface and, if necessary, repair the wall with acrylic putty and finish the repair with paint. If possible, the wall preparation process should be done at least a week before installing the wallpaper. If the wall is already level, wipe it with a damp cloth to make it very clean and free of dust before installation.

  1. Cut The Wallpaper

The roller always comes with a fixed width. However, the desired length must be cut according to the wall’s height, so the importance of measuring it before application. Cut the strips with 10 cm of clearance and, in the case of patterns with prints, calculate 10% more to ensure the correct fit; for example, if the height of the wall is 270 cm, cut a stripe with 270 cm + 27 cm = 297 cm.

  1. Glue The Paper

First, protect surfaces from possible splashes with a plastic or tarp. Then, with the brush, spread the paper’s glue and fold the strip of paper, leaving glue with glue. Wait 5 minutes in the case of imported paper or 2 minutes in the national paper’s case and pass the glue again. Please fold the paper again and apply it directly to the wall.

  1. Apply The Paper To The Wall

To make the application more comfortable, start the application at the top of the wall, fitting it in the corners, if necessary, adjust the paper with your hands to position it and brush, make movements from inside to outside and set the paper. Small bubbles of excess glue should remain to ensure proper paper fixation, and the excess will disappear in about two days. Finish the finishing by pressing the seams so that they do not lift in the future.

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