How does color and fabric selection play a vital role in designing the bedroom?

Published On November 14, 2019 | By Clare Louise | Interior

A lot of people assume that interior design for your home is just about selecting the right furniture. But ask the top interior designers in Bangalore, and they will tell you there are many layers of details that are woven together to create the perfect ambiance for your home. Even if we talk about furniture, one has to select the right type of wood, texture, and color.

Colour. It plays a massive role in influencing the character of a space. The effect it can have on the emotions of a person is incredible. A simple instance is the neutral tones of an office or a hospital, which can get monotonous after a short while. But if you are among the vibrant greens and yellows of the outdoors, it can instantly uplift your mood and energize you. Once you recognize this, it is a simple matter of translating these qualities within your home as well.

While designing your bedrooms, the first step is to understand the kind of mood you want to create. The second step is to understand the elements which contribute to adding color to your space. The obvious ones are the walls and the furniture, but an underrated element is the fabrics that are used in the room. From the bedspreads and duvet to the rugs and curtains, there is a lot of fabric used in our bedrooms. A basic rule to follow is to use a combination of two or three colors for these elements per your theme.

While many people associate the Vastu Shastra with the overall design of the house, it also speaks in-depth about colors and the effect they can have on a space. Many interior designers in Koramangala are now embracing the guidelines prescribed in the text to create a sense of balance in the house. For a feeling of warmth, passion, and energy – red would be your go-to color. If you’re looking for prosperity, knowledge and to soothe your eyes, then green would be a great choice, especially for a child’s bedroom. Shades of brown will create a sense of stability, permanence, and warmth. Purples, whites, and orange are also recommended for your bedrooms, depending on the feel you want to create. Once the color palette has been set, it’s essential to pick the right fabric for the room. Cotton is a light, affordable, and durable material that can be used across the board. For a little more luxurious feel, you can opt for silk sheets. Polyester and rayon are strong materials that can be used as curtains or covers.

While opting for a single color and texture is the easy route to take, you can add patterns and layer different materials to make your bedroom more inviting. Many interior designers in Koramangala can design for you. Or you can consult Nuspace Interiors, one of the top interior designers in Bangalore, and be involved in creating a bedroom that speaks to you!

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