Porcelain Tiles – Their Benefits And Best Types

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Porcelain tiles are the most popular types of tiles that most experts suggest installing at homes for external as well as internal purposes. Such a huge growing demand is because of the innumerable benefits that these tiles have to offer. The reasons that you should, too, install them for indoor and outdoor purposes are listed below.

  • These are highly waterproof kinds of tiles that are long-lasting and durable. They can last for more than a decade when maintained properly.
  • The surface of unpolished porcelain tiles at Club Ceramic remains quite non-slippery. Therefore, they are a wonderful option for bathrooms. Such unpolished tiles are also of high value when installed around the edges of swimming pools.
  • The surface of the porcelain tiles does not harbor deep stains so easily. Thus, the chances that they might lose their color and shine so easily are minimum.
  • You can simply dip a clean cloth in warm water to mop the surface of porcelain tiles. Also, it’s safe to use strong cleansing agents to clean them without worrying about losing the color.
  • Since they come in a huge variety, they are the most economical and highly affordable types of tiles in the market.  

So, if you’re planning to give your house a retouch of grace by installing new tiles, then you must try the excellence of the following porcelain tiles.

  1. Polished Tiles

These beautiful glazed tiles come in different colors and attractive patterns. The prettiest and the trendiest kinds that are available at best prices at Club Ceramics include the following;

  • Gallipo White
  • Hetis Grey
  • Oval White
  • Lavish White
  • Galaxy Star Grey and Galaxy Star White
  • Imperial Onyx
  • Fabia Gold
  • Pidas Onyx

Some other less fancy and more subtle options include;

  • Filoto Veins
  • Ice Satvario
  • Pearl Satvario
  • Pencil stripe
  1. Rustic Tiles

Rustic tiles at Club Ceramics are visually stunning options that harbor unique colors and shades. These are best for people who love the taste of a little contemporary and European touch. The ones that you might love as wall tiles and floor tiles include the following.

  • Genesis Bronze
  • Hackberry Green
  • Carara White
  • Champina Steel
  • Xtreme Grey
  • Xtreme Black

Some other popular variations of rustic porcelain tiles include;

  • Tiles that imitate the look of real raw wood
  • Tiles that imitate the sophistication and strength of natural stones

Precisely, these are less expensive and durable versions of their expensive counterparts. This is yet another factor that makes them so popular.

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