6 Ways to Brighten Up Your Home This Winter

Published On October 15, 2019 | By Sabrina Barstow | Interior

The coldest, dullest, greyest time of the year. But, does it really have to be like that? Instead of spending most of your time cuddled up under your duvet, staring through the windows at the depressing sky and waiting for sunlight to peek through, there is something you can do about it.

You can create a comfy and friendly space that will help you push through this dreary season. Here are the six key ingredients to brightening your home winter.

Light It Up

Light the fireplace or light some candles. If you go with candles, make sure they give off light fumes. You don’t want a headache or a heavy smell in your house.

Do your light bulbs give off a yellow glow? If so, consider getting new ones. For a brighter look in your house, go with white light bulbs. One of the best ways to combat the winter blues is by installing full spectrum CFL light bulbs. They do a great job of mimicking sunlight.

Consider getting some floor lamps. They can chase away the shadows to which ceiling lights can’t get to. String lights are an inexpensive way to add a cosier feel and brighten up your apartment. Illumination is a sure way to make your winter better.

Bright Decoration

There are other ways to lighten up your home. Illumination is just one. Open up the curtains. Even better, replace them with bright-coloured ones.

But don’t stop there. Get white, ivory, or other light-coloured fitted slipcovers for your furniture. Your rooms will feel brighter and the brighter coloured fabrics will feel lighter.

The same goes for tablecloths. The only downside is that you’ll have to wash them more frequently. But, since they will deflect light from your tables, it ought to be worth it.


You can decorate your home to make it a beautiful winter sanctuary, but if you feel cold and your utility bills fly through the roof, all of your efforts will be in vain. When it comes to home maintenance, people often fail to take care of some of the most vital things: like ductwork.

Old and bad ductwork steals warmth and money from homeowners. If you rely on it to transfer warm air to every room in your house, you want to make sure it’s working properly.

If you’ve noticed lots of drafts, strange noises, poor air quality, temperature imbalances, and high utility bills, you may need to have a specialist configure your ductwork. Even small leaks or tears can have a terrible impact on the efficiency of the whole system.

Is there anything worse than coming back home from work on a freezing day and having to wait for ages for the heating to kick in? And, while you’re waiting for the room to warm up, the energy is going to waste. That doesn’t sound like a bright winter home.

Most families spend most of the winter indoors. If the air quality is not good enough; dirt, dust, biological growth, pet dander, and other allergens can start causing trouble.

If you experience headaches, rashes, eye irritation, sinus problems, or allergy and asthma symptoms, don’t be quick to ascribe them to the cold weather. Such problems can be a result of poor indoor air quality caused by faulty ductwork.


It’s the perfect time for an old-fashioned clear-out. Get rid of the clutter! If the mess in your home is not pleasing to look at in the summer, it will just get worse in winter. Open spaces feel cleaner, homier, and brighter. To give your house a new, fresh feeling, rearrange the furniture.

Make sure you use every inch of your storage closet. Take a good look at all of your stuff. Ask yourself: Is this useful? It this pretty? Do I really need this? If you have any hoarding habits, this is the season to face them.


Place mirrors in a strategic manner. West and east facing walls are the best places to put them. That way, the sunlight will hit them for almost half the day.

Make sure the mirrors are in a place where natural light can bounce off of them. You could also hang mirrors directly opposite your windows. Mirrors can make every room seem lighter and larger.


Let some natural light in. If you’re not opening your windows, you don’t need mesh screens. Remove that extra layer that’s blocking the sunlight. You’d be surprised how much extra flow you can get.

You depend on them to get the sunlight in your rooms. Clean your windows every two weeks! If the weather is particularly nasty, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to do it even more often. Winter grime builds on them surprisingly quickly.

Once you remove the grime, you’ll notice a huge difference. Those smudges block out plenty of sunlight. If there’s any bulky furniture in front of the windows, move it. Open up the drapes and blinds every morning.


When it’s cold and wet outside, a warm and bright home is sure to improve anyone’s mood. A brightened home will lift your spirits and keep you going through the dreary days of winter. Make sure your home feels inviting during the cold holidays.

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