How to save money and space when designing a bathroom:

Published On June 10, 2019 | By Paul Petersen | Interior

In most UK houses, especially the more newly built properties, modern bathrooms tend to be treated as a necessity rather than as a luxury. Due to this limited amount of space, people are always attempting to try and fit as much into these small spaces as possible in order to make their bathroom feel luxurious. More often than not they try to do this on the tightest budget possible. So how exactly do you turn a small space into one that oozes style on a budget?

Shower or bath: the big decision:

Before the 90s the shower was something that you only found in holiday homes or hotels. It was only in the reality in the post-90s that the walk-in shower or P shaped baths with showers included started becoming a common feature in UK bathrooms.

These baths were designed to aid people when it came to decide whether to install a shower or a bath, but over time have fallen in popularity. With this fall in popularity, the question arises on how to have a decent shower experience in the bathroom with very little space.

The first question to ask yourself is if you really need to have a bath in your bathroom. Many people only use the bathtub once in a blue moon, opting for the time-saving shower instead. If this is the case for you, installing a larger size shower with more features may be the way to go to enable a better showering experience.

If the bath is a necessity in your home, for whatever reason then opt for a thinner bath with less angled sides. This type of bath takes up less space when it comes to moulding them in and also gives you more room to stand when having a shower, or alternatively lay down one having a bath.

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Opt for a wall mounted sink and toilet:

The more traditional sinks that rely on a pedestal to hold them up are actually wasting valuable storage space in your bathroom. The one and only function of a pedestal is to give your sink support so that it does not fall down. Opting for a sink that is wall mounted completely eliminates the need for a pedestal, allowing you to place a cupboard or a shelf underneath that can be used for storage. With all the clutter found under the shelf, it will help make your bathroom look cleaner and larger.

The same theory applies as far as the toilet is concerned. By wall mounting the toilet, it will allow it to protrude less and whilst also allowing you to see more of the floor making your bathroom look bigger and more open.

Opt for standard ceramic fittings:

In most bathrooms across the world, you will find that they use a standard white sink or toilet made from ceramic. Because of his popularity, the fixtures and fittings for these pieces are more readily in cheaply available, thus making it cheaper less expensive for you to complete your bathroom.

When you choose to use all other materials like steel in resin, the equipment required to install them are harder to source and therefore more expensive to buy. This will then have a knock-on effect for the cost of labour as you will then require installation specialists who are familiar with the product to install them, therefore, resulting in higher installation prices.

Buy good quality fixtures and fittings:

One thing that is important not to scrimp on the fixtures and fittings like taps and shower heads. If you are up to buy them cheaply it could cost, you more money in the long run if there is a fault with any of them.

Leaks in bathrooms can cause major damage and can be quite difficult to locate. Therefore, items such as shower screens are just as important to spend money on. Opt for things that are quite popular in the market, allowing you to purchase spare parts rather than whole new fittings that save you money in the long run. It is also important to remember that if something is sold at a lower price it is probably because the quality of that item is less than the higher-priced item. For things that are going to be used quite often like baths and taps you really will get what you pay for.

Shop around for aesthetics:

While this is important to ensure that bath’s, taps and shower screens are of the highest standards you can get away with saving money on things such as tiles, storage pieces, and decorations when renovating your bathroom. Create a mood board for what you are looking for, and shop around in various different stores to find the best deal that suits your needs.

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