Six Innovative Ways To Utilize Glass For Your Indoors

Published On November 26, 2019 | By Danny White | Featured, Home, Interior

When it comes to interior designs, glass has no equal to it. Again, when it comes to waking up “happy” the best is done by glass doors, windows, and skylights with the show of eternal sunshine. No doubt, the installation of glass-made objects in the home is quite an old-age thing, but it never gets outdated. So yes, we can interest you in some innovative glass installation ideas for a perfect home embellishment.

  1. Glass Doors and Dividers: 

Where privacy is not much a matter of concern, this transparent beautification can be attempted. Transparent or translucent doors and partitions can be placed in the particular place of your house where you want the purest lights. Also, glass partition can be made in common areas that you want to divide into different sections.

  1. Glass Floors:

The introduction of heat-strengthened and laminated glass has made possible for Architects to design glass floors. The installation of the glass floor can be made in various ways. It can be a simple glass floor of different colors or a simple visual-featured floor. Also, if it is used as the roof partition between two floors, it can be simply transparent. It will deliver the lights from one floor to another.

  1. Glass Roofs: 

It is also referred to as skylights. Glass Roofs can both be made with the open-close system and with a fixed system. So you can use it according to your needs. Whatever way it is made in, it offers a glazing view of the sky. 

  1. Glass Stairs: 

Glass stair’s superiority is that it does not catch moisture. So unlike iron or wooden stairs, it has no possibility of getting rusted or damped. Also, the quality of glass does not deteriorate over time and it is easy to clean up. 

  1. Glass Cabinets: 

When you are planning an entire house glass-implantation, you must also include glass-made cabinets. You can either go with sheer transparent glass or colored glass as you wish. 

  1. Glass Railings: 

Whenever you are planning up for an open space, lights and clear vision must be your primary need. Well, glass railings provide that. Though it asks little maintenance, its durable service and safety are worth it.


These are the chief utilization ideas you can do with glass. Divetro also suggests implantations like- glass table tops, glass lanterns, normal glasses, back-painted glass and etched glasses for windows, glass wine cellars, and the list goes on. 


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