Ways to effectively clean and maintain bedroom rugs

Published On November 1, 2022 | By Danny White | Featured

Cleanliness is the prime factor in the maintenance of any household. No matter how much you spend in the interior decor of your house, if you aren’t cleaning and maintaining it well, you can’t guarantee the long life of your investments. Whether it is your painted wall, the furniture or the bedroom rugs placed in your house, everything need regular cleaning and that too in the most appropriate way. If you aren’t following their special techniques of cleaning, even then you are harming the life cycle of your decor items and essentials in the house which is again not good. So, here are some special tips to clean your bedroom rugs so that they keep providing extreme comfort to your feet and even stay with you for long. 

  • Vacuum clean it regularly – The very first thing to remember when cleaning your bedroom rugs is that the dust particles and dirt is not just what you see on the surface. These are penetrated deep inside the rugs. So, if you are not cleaning and vacuuming them regularly, this will lead to infections in the house and even destroy the quality of the bedroom rugs. We recommend, opting for vacuum cleaning at least once a week. If not, then once a fortnight is important to keep them in good condition.
  • Use mild detergent while cleaning the rugs – Whenever you are cleaning the rugs, ensure that you use only the mild detergent to do the same. If you are using bleach or lots of chemical on it, then automatically you destroy the quality of the bedroom rugs plus even the colour fades very soon.
  • Call the experts once in a while – There is nothing like professional cleaning when it comes to maintaining the bedroom rugs and even carpets. They are experts in their field and they know exactly how to deep clean your bedroom rugs. This procedure is important to get rid of the submerged germ particles in your bedroom rugs. Also, some dirt are settled inside the surface and removing them manually can be impossible. The professionals bring along special detergents to clean their rugs and they even have machines and special procedure to wash and dry them properly.
  • Never forget drying the rugs after cleaning them – Not just cleaning the rugs, but even drying them thoroughly is an important part of maintaining them. Say for instance, you spilled some drinks on your bedroom rug and you washed the area that had stain on it. Next, if you are not drying that rug, you will soon have mould build up on it and even the smell would be unbearable.
  • Clean the spills immediately – Your bedroom rugs might face daily spills and stains. Like, you spill some coloured liquid on them or your child throws something on them and so on. So, if you want to keep these things clean, you have to ensure that you are cleaning them on the spot. If you delay this process, then this stain becomes almost permanent in very difficult to remove.


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