Preparing Your Metal Shed For Winter

Published On October 31, 2022 | By Sabrina Barstow | Gardening

We’re already starting to feel the chill of winter approaching. Autumn is a vibrant and exciting time of year, but it is also the last chance we get to fully prepare for the proper cold and dark nights of winter. If you have a metal storage shed in your back garden, you might be wondering how to prepare it for the winter ahead. We’ve put together a list of some simple tips to help you out. They are all straightforward, take up little of your time, but in the end will help your garden shed remain in the best condition over the hibernating winter months. 

Sweep it out

The first thing you should do with your metal buildings winston-salem nc garden shed is to get that broom out and sweep away. Clear out any leaves, soil, and other bits of debris that naturally find their way inside any garden structure during spring, summer, and autumn. Make sure that there is nothing inside that contains moisture and might lead to condensation and mould. Check for cobwebs and nests, clearing these out too.

Clean the building thoroughly

Get hold of a pressure washer and use this to comprehensively clean the exterior of your garden shed. Make sure that you spray the outer walls as well as the roof, removing any debris left by plants and dirt. If you leave this on the outside of the structure in winter it will set in and could cause rust to appear, especially if it ends up covered in ice.

Clear the edges

Start this by removing any leaves and dirt from the gutters (if your shed has gutters), and then look at the greenery immediately surrounding the shed. It’s important that trees and bushes are trimmed back, removing the danger of leaves, branches, and roots causing damage to the walls of the shed. 

Inspect and repair

Just before closing the garden shed for winter is the perfect time to inspect all the joints and seals, especially around the door and any windows present. If you find any damage to seals around the door or window, any gaps that appear, you need to fix these urgently and replace the weather stripping. 

Organise and ‘Spring clean’

Even though it’s the autumn, a ‘spring clean’ might be just what the doctor ordered. Look at all the items in your shed and work out what you could remove, what needs replacing, and removing any damaged items. Organising at this stage will make your shed much better organised for when you open it again next year but will also help to minimise potential spillage of items and liquid and prevent moisture in places that are hidden behind piles of unrequired items.

No matter your choice of strong garden sheds, even the best metal sheds require some careful preparation before wintertime. With the right approach and careful manner of sweeping out your shed, cleaning it, and ensuring that everything is in good working condition and doesn’t require any urgent repairs, your shed can remain in top condition. Suppliers of aluminium garden sheds understand what it takes to deliver a consistent, robust product for your back garden or yard. As winter approaches, take these few simple steps and it’ll enhance the condition of your shed and keep it at its best for when you open up the doors again next spring.

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