4 Reasons to Hire an Estate Attorney

Published On April 22, 2019 | By Clare Louise | Featured

You have worked hard your whole life to amass your property. That makes ensuring it will go where you want it to at the end of your life, even more crucial. Unfortunately, estate planning is not as easy as it may first appear. Sometimes estates are more complicated or require special considerations. Whether you have a complicated estate, or a simple one, you can benefit from hiring an estate lawyer to ensure that your plan is executed as you expect. Check out some of the reasons you might want to hire an estate attorney.

You Have a Complicated Plan

Estate planning can be complicated for many reasons, such as multiple marriages, divorces, or in the cases of blended families. You can tell your attorney what you would like to happen in regards to your estate when it comes to each member and they will come up with a plan to make sure it is executed with little to no complication.

You Have Interests in Other States

If you have property or major assets that are in another state, you will need the services of an attorney to set up your plan properly to account for any legal or accounting regulations that may come into play in the state where the property or assets are.

Your Assets Exceed More Than a Million

When you have a significant amount of assets, you will need the knowledge and experience of an estate attorney to help you secure the best financial and tax benefits that you can, so more of your estate can be left with those you intended it for. While you may think you are savvy when it comes to tax law, the laws are constantly changing, and not knowing the best ways to plan your money can lead to a significant portion going to legal fees or state and federal tax entities,

You Need an Objective Party

Sometimes when there is a lot of family involved, or a lot of assets, it can be important that an objective party is involved when creating and executing the plan. A lawyer will not be emotionally invested in the estate and will be able to help all parties make decisions that will be more beneficial financially.

This objectivity can also be important in the event that a large estate is left to a younger party who may not be as financially savvy due to inexperience. For example, a 19-year-old will likely lack the knowledge to properly manage a multi-million dollar IRA account. A lawyer can provide them with the unbiased advice that they will need.

Whether your estate is complicated, contains a large amount of assets, or you just want to minimize your tax and legal costs and ensure that your hard-earned money gets to where you want it to, hiring an estate attorney is the answer to your concerns.

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