4 Ways to Give Your Backyard a Fall Makeover

Published On November 27, 2019 | By Poly Dom | Interior

Every season brings something new and unique, which is also a great opportunity to elevate the overall atmosphere in your home. Interior décor that matches the current season is a rather popular trend, but let’s not forget the outdoors. Actually, projects you can take up for your backyard, garden, deck/patio area, and so on, can truly make you feel happier and more mindful inside your own home. Of course, there’s no other season quite like the fall when it comes to going all out with your backyard makeover. In case you’re hungry for some ideas, keep on reading. 

1. Take Care of the Overgrowth and Clutter

In order for any project to go smoothly, you need to make sure that you have adequate space for it. That said, you can’t possibly proceed with effective fall backyard makeover if the grass and plants are overgrown, filled with weeds or rotting plants, or if your garden tools and other bits and bobs are all cluttering up your yard. In that respect, your first task should be to prune the trees, shrubbery, and decorative plants as well as get rid of unsightly weeds. Of course, clean up the debris and dead leaves (you might even end up utilizing these for compost later on). Make sure to mow the lawn nicely, too. And in case you have your garden tools out, collect and separate them in containers and then put them away in the shed, basement, loft, or whatever other areas you have for adequate storage. 

2. Breathe in New Life to Your Garden with Decorative Plants

If you’re already a bit of a green thumb, you probably have a bunch of interesting gardening ideas for your fall-inspired yard. But in case you’re not all that gardening-inclined, there’s no reason to worry. For starters, there are plenty of decorative plants and shrubs that are known for their beautiful looks all-year-round and low maintenance. You can plant these in order to spruce up your backyard without making too much work for you in the future. Still, in case you’re pretty satisfied with how your yard looks at the moment plant-wise or simply want an easy way to change up the décor and ambience of your seasonal backyard, you’re free to use faux plants that can still elevate the look of your yard, especially when paired with nice planters and pots. 

3. Spruce Up the Look of Your Patio/Deck Area

Different yard layouts allow for different designs and arrangements when it comes to efficient patio/deck setup. However, there are some rather functional and interesting tips that tend to work amazingly well regardless of your particular deck/patio area. For instance, gorgeous timber  cladding can easily transform this space by adding the cosy, so-called cabin vibe, which is perfect for fall. Of course, adding a nice cover would be ideal so that you can enjoy the time outside during the fall months without having to worry about the elements. In this case, you can always opt for a budget-friendly solution such as shade sails. Obviously, make sure that there are no cracks in your deck and fix anything that requires fixing. Once you’re done, it’s time for something truly fun.

4. Use Fall-Inspired Décor for Your Yard and Deck

Burnt orange, olive green, brown, burgundy, mustard yellow are all common colours for fall. In case your yard naturally lacks these colours, use this transformation project to make things more interesting and colourful. For instance, you should aim to make your lounge area as cosy and comfy as possible. Textures are a great way to do that. In that respect, throws, cushions, table cloths and even outdoor rugs are all great ways to add warmth to your backyard and lounging area, especially if you plan to introduce the previously mentioned shades. 

That’s not all, however. This is the part where you can let your creativity flow freely. For instance, your centrepiece can become a stack of gourds and squashes together with some fall leaves. Use fall-inspired wreaths and garlands as well as warm fairy lights for added oomph. When it comes to the actual yard, rustic feel is definitely a great way to go. Planters and pots in rustic style together with decorative stones, road signs, whimsical figurines and other vintage details will truly add a final and rather personal touch to your fall backyard makeover. 

Obviously, your ideal fall backyard transformation should follow your own ideas and preferences. In that respect, feel free to use available resources for inspiration, but make it a point to stay true to your own style. Visualizing the end result will also help you complete this project faster, without too many obstacles and unforeseen situations that could delay the progress or cause stress. Most importantly, this project should let you have fun and enjoy yourself. 

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