Few Signs to Show That You Need Replacement for Your Windows 

Published On July 7, 2019 | By Paul Petersen | Interior


Even if you are looking at your window almost daily at your home in La Crescenta, there is every chance that you may overlook the present condition of your windows, though they need immediate attention. 

Often it is not so easy to recognize various signs of replacement windows in La Crescenta which may need replacement. How do you then know when they need to be replaced? Look for the following signs to decide whether you need to replace your window.

  1. Rising utility bill

Particularly in the homes where windows are quite old, there is a chance that large amount of your effort to heat or cool the room is getting leaked out and as a result you have to consume more amount of power. 

  1. Drafts during windy days

In case, you feel breeze while standing near your window to look at the snow during chilly winter days, then there are chances that you have got serious air leak in your windows. 

Same thing can be verified by burning incense stick – if you find smoke moves then you have leak. 

  1. Difficulty in raising or lowering windows

While opening your window in case you find that you need to use too much of force and same thing is also repeated while shutting the window then it is certainly a time to consider for their replacement. 

  1. Fog noticed between double-pane windows

In case, you ever notice the sign of fog in between the glass panes of your window then it is an indication that the seal has failed and thus it is allowing the moisture to enter inside. 

  1. Double pane windows found too cold to touch

In case you find that your window panes are too cold to touch then most of the expenses of heating the room is going down the drain. 

For better efficiency of both your heating and also cooling will need better insulation of the window from outside.

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