5 Tips To Decrease The Amount Of Debris And Lint On Your Dryer Vent

Published On July 9, 2019 | By Danny White | Featured

Clothing dryers, like washing machines, have become an essential part of any home. They are a highly-reliable appliance that helps your clothes dry faster than they would with only the sun and the wind. However, over time, debris and lint build-up can hinder it from performing optimally. This is why Dryer vent cleaning Manassas VA must be done consistently — or else, your dryer will have a shorter life or worse, it could even start a fire in your home.

Why Lint and Debris Accumulate?

Lint, or the minute fibers that come off your clothes’ edges, usually build up when there’s a restricted airflow in your dryer. This happens when the dryer is too close to a wall, or when you have a curved or a relatively longer exhaust tube.

Nonetheless, avoiding these two situations isn’t enough to free your dryer from lint accumulation. As mentioned, you need to make sure your dryer is clean and well-functioning.

The dryer or exhaust vent is located outside, at the back of your dryer. This is where the exhaust tube (or the duct in which the steam comes out from your dryer) is connected. The dryer vent shouldn’t be confused with the so-called lint filter, which is located inside the dryer (though this one should be regularly cleaned as well).

How to Minimize Lint and Debris From Building Up

Never think twice to do some dryer vent cleaning Manassas VA when you notice that your clothes take longer to dry, the dryer’s exterior becomes hotter than usual, or there is a burning smell near the appliance.

Always read the manual of instructions. The manufacturer of your clothes dryer certainly knows what’s the proper way of maintaining the machine they mad. Never ignore the manual of instructions, take time to read about the cleaning rules, and of course, follow what’s written and advised (from the proper way of doing it to its frequency).

Limit your use of dryer sheets. These sheets are made to guard your clothes against the static electricity produced while the machine is running. While they’re really useful, using too much of them will only add debris on your lint filter, and even on the vent.

Vacuum out any dust and debris. Every after load, vacuum out any excess lint, dust, and debris you see from the lint trap and from nearby areas. Make sure you disconnect the dryer’s power. Also, move the machine away from the wall and extend the vacuuming in this tricky area.

Hang heavier clothes and let them naturally dry. Avoid putting too much burden on your dryer and let heavier clothes and linens dry the natural way. If you’re in a rush to use them again, it would be better to take them to commercial facilities. Heavier garments mean more lint and debris.

Seek for professional cleaning services. Experienced dryer vent cleaning Manassas VA companies have the expertise and the equipment in handling this situation. Hire their services at least once a year to help make sure your dryer is clean and well-functioning.

Dryer vent cleaning Manassas VA provides a good amount of benefits in terms of safety and savings. Contact us today at JCS Home Services to learn more.


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