Lab Essentials You Cannot Go Without In A Laboratory

Published On April 25, 2019 | By Paul Petersen | Featured

Lab equipment is one of the important things which help in experimenting, quality assurance, and process controls. All this was not possible if lab equipment were not available. You cannot go without vacuum apparatuses and measuring instruments when you are working in a lab. Without the help of all these devices in the scientific field, no experiment can be successful. So they play a very important role when it comes to important calculations and observations in the lab.

Outlining some of the essential lab equipment in this post:

Ball Valves:

It’s a form of quarter turn valve which is used as a perforated, hollow, and pivoting ball to control the water flow through it. It is mainly opened when the hole of the ball is in a particular line and it is closed when the valve handle is in 90 degrees position. This equipment is very essential in a laboratory while performing various experiments.


This equipment is one of the resent innovations to help the world of dabbing and vaping concentration. When using this enails or electric nails elements, it’s very important for butane torches for having continuously and safely heating the quartz or titanium nails with the help of metal coil, so you don’t have to wait for dab. You just have to plug the electric units into the outlets on the wall and then select the appropriate temperature that you want your heating element to set at. After the thing is warmed, it will retain the heat until you turn it off. Enails also helps in staying away from the breaking or tripping over the glass.

Silicone Gaskets:

This is mainly used in a very wide range of applications to prefect leaks between the different substrate. They are used in extreme temperature both in cold and hot environment. They even come with protection from the UV and ozone properties. As silicone generally does not react to chemicals as it has inert material, which means that it is one of the essential equipment in the laboratory. This can be even used at 150 degree Celsius continuously without getting any change in its properties.

As lab equipment are very essential in the laboratory so you can never compromise with their quality. At LeDab, you get access to the best quality lab equipment all at one place and at a price that’s reasonable.


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