Reasons to Hire a Licensed HVAC Company vs. a Contractor

Published On April 27, 2019 | By Paul Petersen | Home

Heating and air conditioning units are complex mechanical and computerized systems. Proper installation, maintenance and repair requires special, extensive training.

Licensed HVAC companies hire employees who focus specifically on this area.

On the other hand, hiring contractors may cost less money, but they might not be as knowledgeable or up to date on the latest technology.

Like many other types of construction and labor contractors, an HVAC contractor is someone who works for him/herself.

Here are other reasons to hire a licensed HVAC Company instead of a contractor.

  • Experience With Different Brands:  Licensed HVAC companies are knowledgeable with different major heating and cooling brands. Their employees are more like technicians.

Contractors might not be as familiar with the latest features, updates to technology, etc.  Some major brands will not honor warranties unless a licensed expert has worked on the system.

  • Save Time and Money:  Licensed HVAC contractors will be able to diagnose problems with the system quickly and efficiently. This is true both for installation, repair and future upgrades. This will prevent constant repair issues that are costly and time-consuming.
  • Customer Service:  Licensed HVAC companies are trained to be friendly and offer advice for the future longevity of your furnace or air conditioning systems. Independent contractors are not bound by any company policies and only complete the job they were hired to do.
  • Safety:  Installation of a heating and cooling system is a very important part of a safe and healthy home.

Licensed HVAC Companies will evaluate the entire system during installation, maintenance and repair to assure they follow the manufacturers guidelines for the overall safety of your home.


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