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So you want a beautiful garden, but unfortunately is your outdoor area on a hill or a steep slope? What can you do? garden landscaping Of course. Garden Landscaping is a great way to create several small gardens of green plants and plants and prevent soil erosion by turning a long slope into a series of several separate levels, allowing the soil to absorb water and rain better.

Garden earthwork with concrete walls

Garden landscaping creates a visual interest and a better working space by allowing planting at different levels. How about, for example, have gardens with a high level of flowers and a terrace, several terraces with lower plants and an herbal terrace next to the kitchen? Yes, the possible combinations of terraced garden design are endless and depend on the type of garden you want to have. The right professional landscaper this is important

Modern house with terraced garden

Paving your garden requires a design and design approach different from that commonly used in conventional gardens, depending on the type of slope. If you want to destroy a garden because of mobility problems, adding stairs or sidewalks becomes a very important decision. But what are the materials that were used to flood the garden?

Garden terrace idea

If you like stone, then you can think of stone retaining walls that use stackable concrete blocks, limestone blocks or natural stone. Used railway sleepers are another possible solution, but they are quite expensive as well as simple sleepers. Gabions are increasingly used to build beautiful and solid retaining walls.

Garden with concrete retaining walls

If you have decided to do your own work in the garden of your garden, remember that it requires considerable effort and certainly earthwork and clay digging. It is very important to create very strong retaining walls to avoid potential problems later. It is best if the wall height is not more than 60 centimeters and if you are raising it, make sure that the wall leans back slightly into the ground. Higher walls also harbor additional risks.

Garden terrace with pergola

The decorative elements that you can include in the terraced garden will depend on their size. To create too many levels or different terraces means that they may be too small to provide a comfortable dining room, for example. But if you want to create a plant garden rather than a social space, then plan a space for a compost pile. Be aware that even if you cannot completely equalize the space, a small slope will not affect the plants.

Built-in garden of modern design

Streams and waterfalls are a very good choice for terraced areas, as you can use them to visually connect different levels and terraces. In addition, the soft melody created by water is very pleasant. It is very important to know what you want from your garden before laying it, and to create a preliminary plan for each new terrace before you build it.

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