4 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Renovating Your Kitchen

Published On October 3, 2019 | By Paul Petersen | Interior

Kitchen renovation helps you start afresh. No matter how minor or major, you are beginning from scratch and can manifest all the ideas you gained from various sources to put into your kitchen redesign from Vima design. So, after you have all the ideas ready for your kitchen renovation, it’s time to ask yourself the following questions to plan your big redo. 


  • Does technology matter to me?


Nowadays everyone is embracing and integrating the pros offered by artificial intelligence in their homes. They can turn off all your lights or play background music by an easy command. If you are interested in technology and want to explore more of it, then get in touch with your contractor to how to integrate the parts into your design plan to make the most of the smart assistants. 


  • Who aren’t you?


It is important to consider who you are, who you are not are and what you don’t prefer. Are there any patterns, colors or materials you absolutely hate. Does the image of countertop with separate ceramic tiles make you cringe or you feel uncomfortable when you see those old school kitchens. Ensure that you are in alignment with your contractor or designer to check you don’t end up with a costly kitchen renovation that you will hate working in.


  • Can you picture exactly what you want or you need some kind of guidance on how things should be?


You may have an idea on what you want, but it is hard to articulate. Hence, there are so many sources available on the web. You can begin by compiling a notebook of ideas or creating Pinterest boards where you can accumulate all the ideas you like. When you have all the ideas gathered in one place, it helps you work from a concept to a reality and eventually having a design that contains everything you want in your kitchen.


  • What’s your budget?


When you have an idea on how much to spend and are able to spend are essential. Firstly, always be wary of never go overboard with your home as compared to your neighborhood, if investment is a concern for you. Secondly, you must be aware of how much you can pragmatically afford and how you are going to pay for it. For the same, you can apply for a home equity loan. So, get in touch with a mortgage lender to ascertain your home value as compared to how much would you owe and determine what equity you will be able to use and then come up with a renovation plan accordingly.

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