What Are the Different Bathroom Options for Senior People?

Published On July 27, 2019 | By Poly Dom | Interior

Bathroom is one of the most essential amenities in a house. Senior members in the family face problems when using the bathroom. It can be toilet, shower, bathtub and faucets, it is important to ensure that they provide safety to them. 

In this article, we are telling you some useful bathroom options that would make it very comfortable for senior people. 

Install lever faucets

A lever faucet helps in getting rid of all the turning and twisting that are very difficult for elders. Foot operated faucets are one of the ways to install a new faucet. You can hire services of professional bathroom fitters to make proper installation and attachments to make it easy for elders to use bathroom. 

Get a sprayer attached for your shower-head

A shower-head can easily be detached and held in the hand to make bathing very easy. It makes bathing easily while showering. A facility to sit at the time of taking a shower gives elders more independence. 

Install rails and grab bars 

This is an easiest and affordable means to make a bathroom senior friendly. By installing rails and grab bars in the shower region, near the toilet eases bathing. It especially benefits elderly person. 

Elevate the toilet height

Simply increasing the height of your toilet seat by three inches or more can bring a lot of difference for seniors. This is useful because in later years, it becomes hard for senior people to bend from their knees. It gives them a lot of discomforts. Simply by raising the height of the existing toilet seat to a “Comfortable Height” can simplify their life. 


Senior friendly bathrooms have made it easier for senior people to navigate their bathroom easily. All these remarkable options help elders to become more independent. 

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