Aircon Chemical Cleaning Processes for the Sustained Aircon Performance

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Even when you are ensuring that your aircon is undergoing a regular overhauling process, certain issues, like bad smells and leakage, can still arise. Do not neglect these problems, as they can lead to larger problems in the future. If the problems are left festering for too long, it becomes nigh impossible for proper performance from your aircon.

In regard to aircon servicing, most of the companies in Singapore prefer to do a chemical wash for the aircon. They can complete the whole work without any delay.

Chemical wash is a deep cleaning process where chemicals enter all the parts of the aircon to clean out any kind of pollutants and deposits. As a result of regular aircon chemical cleaning, the problems in your aircon can be easily detected and fixed. It actually expands the longevity of your aircon and help you save money over time.

As the warmest time of the year is approaching, there will be a steady rise of the use of aircons soon. In this case, making sure that your aircon is in top condition is very important. Besides the overhauling process, the chemical wash process is also equally important.

What is a chemical wash process?

A chemical wash process is not done by soap and water, although it may sound similar. The aircon chemical wash process actually includes the use of specially concentrated chemical products that can get into the smallest of areas of the aircon to clean them properly. Only professionals with the best skill and experience can do such deep cleaning processes. It has a high penetration rate to ensure that you are receiving the best service when the aircon is chemically washed properly. These kind of cleaning processes are done with absolute precision.

Costs of an Aircon Chemical Wash

Depending on the number of fancoils in your aircon unit and the kind of chemical wash you are looking for, prices may differ.

  • 1 Fan-coil Aircon Unit costs$80 for one time service
  • 2 Fan-coilAircon Unitscost $150for one time service
  • 3 Fan-coilAircon Units cost $210for one time service
  • 4 Fan-coil and more Aircon Unitscost $65 per unitfor one time service

If the cleaning is for an aircon with a 5 Fan coil or more, you will need to ask the company for a proper quote and inspection. Other than that, for the inspection process, the charges are generally free and a 90 day warrantee is given.

Cleaning your Aircon Evaporator

If the aircon evaporator is easily accessible, you should clean it at least once a year. To do this, first, remove the insulation sheet and remove the screws on the installation plate. Then, carefully lift the plate. Using a stiff bristle brush, clean the area around the evaporator as well as the underside of the drain tray.

As the tray promotes water condensation, add a tablespoon of bleach to the exhaust duct to prevent the growth of fungus. Also, remember to check if it is blocked, as it can happen often to the pipe. When cleaning is complete, replace the plate, screws, and insulation sheet.

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