HVAC Maintenance Cost: How Much Should I Expect to Pay?

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Your home’s HVAC or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are one of the most complex components of your house. To ensure that you will have heat when needed and cool air on those hot summer days, it is important that your HVAC is well-maintained. Working with a qualified HVAC team and scheduling routine maintenance will provide you and your family with many benefits.

One key plus to routinely servicing your HVAC system is to ensure reliability. Units that are checked by trained technicians will operate more efficiently, which should keep your equipment running, improve indoor air quality, and help control your energy bills.

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Cost of Preventative Maintenance Plans

On the average, HVAC maintenance plans will cost a homeowner about $125 annually. The more complex your system, the more you will be charged for your maintenance plan. That cost will typically cover either your heating or air conditioning units.

Some HVAC companies offer plans that provide for two annual preventative maintenance visits. A fall service visit to prepare for winter, and a spring service call to ready your equipment for the summer.

The intent of servicing your HVAC on an annual basis is to prevent significant issues with your units. Your service provider will detail what is included in their preventative maintenance plan. In addition to annual tune-up(s), some contacts will include provisions for emergency services and a reduced rate on labor and parts. Remember not all repairs will be included as part of the annual maintenance service.

Impacts to the Cost of HVAC Maintenance

Costs will vary for annual service depending on a number of factors. These include –

  • The age of your HVAC equipment
  • The condition of your system
  • The size of your home

Older and more complex HVAC systems will typically cost more money to service.

Components included in many service contracts are –

  • Checking and replacing filters
  • Inspections of electrical connections
  • Cleaning ducts
  • Evaluating the unit’s performance
  • Checking the accuracy of the thermostats
  • Examining refrigerant lines and condenser coils
  • Draining and cleaning the lines
  • Thorough tune-up of the unit

Depending upon which services your HVAC contractor includes in their annual maintenance inspections, your pricing will vary.

Continue to read more to learn about other maintenance options for your HVAC system.

HVAC Proactive Maintenance Plans

Ranging in costs from $250 to $600 is a proactive HVAC maintenance for your home’s heating and cooling system. Sometimes proactive maintenance arises from your annual service check. When a technician is examining your equipment, they may notice components that are wearing or aging.

If components of your system are not running at their optimal levels, this can stress other parts of your HVAC system. In a proactive maintenance approach, your technician will discuss with you operating concerns they have about your system. The part has not failed, but it can be more cost efficient to replace it before the part stops working. You can avoid emergency repairs and costs.

Now that you have read more about HVAC maintenance, call to discuss your HVAC system with us.

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