The Essential Guide to Boho-Chic Style in Interior Design

Published On February 26, 2023 | By Robert Dem | Home

Whether you want to create a full-on bohemian room or just add a few boho elements to your décor, this free-spirited approach to interior design naples fl offers lots of possibilities. Inspired by 19th century artists, writers, nomads, and wanderers who valued self-expression and creativity over money, modern boho decorating focuses on cultivating at-home well-being, encouraging pursuit of passions, and adding a pop of personality to everyday life. It is a distinctly curated style that thrives on second-hand treasures and travel souvenirs, and is characterized by a playful mishmash of textures, colors, fabrics, and details.

To capture the essence of bohemian style, start with a neutral palette and let it act as a canvas for layering decorative accents. Add texture to the space by combining woven throw blankets and rugs, or textured wallpaper and wallcoverings. Stripes, both painted or in a printed form, are often successful ways to express the bohemian aesthetic. Wood paneling and other natural materials also offer a cozy backdrop to showcase boho-chic furnishings, and can be combined with fanciful paint finishes for an even more expressive look.

The next step in achieving a true boho-chic aesthetic is to collect lots of artisanal pieces, handmade accessories, and unique accents. Shop at antique stores and thrift shops to find a mix of furniture, textiles, and other decorative elements. You can even use old items you already own, like a wooden bench, but give it a new look with a fresh coat of paint or a creative finish. It is important to remember that bohemian style has a very casual and carefree look, so it’s okay if not everything matches perfectly.

Once you have a collection of unique accents to incorporate into your room, choose one large focal point for the space and build the rest of the decor around it. This can be an area rug, a textured wallpaper, or even something as simple as a macrame hanging planter. Then fill in the rest of the room with a mix of low-profile seating, such as chaise lounges and daybeds, plus oversized pillows and blankets.

Keep the lighting casual and ambient by choosing lanterns, floor lamps, and sconces in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can also add a bit of drama by using an unexpected color or pattern on overhead fixtures, such as a sconce in a dark teal finish.

As with all bohemian decor, it is important to keep the space feeling curated rather than chaotic, so only display pieces that you love and have a story behind them. Travel souvenirs, family heirlooms, or DIY ikat tapestries are great choices.

Since boho-chic spaces often take a greenery-focused approach, you can also infuse your bathroom with botanicals and other organic elements. Plants in pots, vases filled with flowering branches or dried eucalyptus, and a neutral-colored shower curtain are all great bohemian bathroom ideas. For a more dramatic effect, consider a textured wallpaper or even an accent wall covered in a concrete print or brick print.

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