Why Choose a Spitfire Front Door?

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So, whilst composite doors are one of the most popular designs when people are upgrading their front doors, others out there want to break the mould and have something alternative to a traditional styled front door. A Spitfire Door is a great balance between style, functionality and timeless elegance.

Spitfire Doors North Wales know that upgrading your front door should be easy and painless, so installing a bespoke spitfire door is no different. With great security precautions, your home will be safe and secure, and will give visitors an amazing first impression. Here are a few reasons why you need to really consider a Spitfire door for your aluminium door North Wales.

Almost Endless Customisation

Spitfire doors are bespoke, they are designed specifically to meet your exacting specifications. Coming in a range of colours, sizes and additional hardware – a Spitfire door can look exactly how you’ve envisioned your new door in your mind. With an endless array of combinations and options, aluminium offers possibilities from the economical to the more elaborate choices, whilst delivering high-quality thermal performance.

Choice of Glazing

Whether you’re in the market for a door with a small single glazed panel, or a full-length glass section, a Spitfire door can accommodate your tastes. With a variety of glass options, which include, safety, ornamental, clear, leaded and flute – and even obscured satin glass for when privacy is your top priority. Triple glazing is becoming a more popular and well-known choice these days, and aluminium doors can fully support triple glazing.

Traditional to Contemporary Styling

With a Spitfire Door, there’s a design that has been inspired by every single architectural movement in the long history of entrance doors. From the Georgian era to the 21st century, and everything that came in between; there’s sure to be a Spitfire Door that will match your home’s aesthetic flawlessly.

Unrivalled Aluminium Performance

As a material, aluminium is inherently strong and durable. It provides excellent high levels of home security and insulation. It is also an environmentally friendly option as it is 100% recyclable. In the 21st century, homeowners are moving away from the traditional solid wood front doors, and are instead opting for stunning aluminium entrance doors.

Spitfire doors are manufactured by combining aluminium sections, which allows them to create some of the largest front doors available on the market. Sizes are made to measure, but they can achieve opening widths of up to one metre, and opening heights up to 2.7 metres.

Durability and Low Maintenance

The brilliant corrosion resistant qualities in aluminium provide a low maintenance front door, which is resistant to weathering under a wide range of harsh environmental conditions. Unlike other front door materials, aluminium front doors will not crack, warp, swell or split over time – thus ensuring an extended product life.

Security Measures

Spitfire doors come with high quality multipoint locks, and solid stainless steel shootbolt systems – for the more security conscious amongst you, there is the option to add a remote control key fob opening function, to built-in fingerprint sensors. There is even the option to have iPhone integration, which gives greater control over entry into your property.


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