Common Solar Inverter Problems

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When we picture solar panels, we always imagine the large panels mounted on open spaces and roofs. But to fully utilize the sun’s energy, it needs to be converted by a solar inverter. Solar panels are the muscles of a solar energy system. While solar inverters are its brain.

Without it, you will not be able to use the electric current produced by solar panels. A solar inverter is smart enough to convert a direct current (DC) into an alternating current (AC), so they can power your home’s electricity needs. Like solar panels, solar inverters may be prone to breakage and wear-and-tear. Below are the common solar inverter problems.

What is a Solar Inverter?

A solar inverter is a low-level computer that inverts or translates solar energy for use in a utility grid. Think direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) as two different languages. Then, a solar inverter as the translator.

Solar panels capture the energy from the sun which was then converted by silicon cells as direct current. Our household appliances cannot work using a direct current. What they need is an alternating current. As such, a solar inverter is vital in a solar energy system because they are the equipment that converts AC to DC to become usable energy.

Solar inverters also serve as an online communicator. They allow your solar energy system to connect to the internet, so you can access the information about your solar panels and control them. Such information is helpful to compare your energy consumption over your solar energy production. They also help you determine if your solar energy system is functioning properly.

Common Solar Inverter Problems

Below are common solar inverter problems that may need Aurora inverter repair.

The alarm is continuously beeping.

There are two reasons when an inverter alarm continuously beeps. It may either be due to a system overload or a stuck cooling fan. Either way, Aurora inverter repair can address both problems.

The battery is not connected.

A common problem with a solar inverter is a loose battery connection or no connection at all. A faulty or weak battery automatically needs replacement. But to be sure that the battery needs replacement, you can have it checked by an Aurora inverter repair.

Power switch defect.

A power switch defect in your solar inverter causes it to malfunction. It may not be able to supply electricity into your household. The best remedy for such trouble is to call an Aurora inverter repair to replace the power switch. Such action needs to be done by a professional to prevent further trouble in your solar energy system.

Rusty or corroded battery terminals.

Any corrosion in the battery terminal of a solar inverter can cause trouble in your solar energy supply. The power supply may fluctuate or end up being discharged. An Aurora inverter repair team can check the cause of the corrosion besides cleaning up the part that’s affected.

Shortened back up time.

There are many reasons behind a shortened back up time in your solar inverter. It may be due to excess power usage, faulty batteries, or loss of electrolytes on your solar inverter battery. It would be best to consult an Aurora inverter repair to identify the problem and the best solution to address it.

Tripped inverter.

The capacitor of your solar inverter may no longer be working causing a tripped inverter. Sometimes it may be because of overusing it. An Aurora repair team can help you determine if your solar inverter can be fixed or if it needs an outright replacement.

You can easily search for Aurora inverter repair services online. The key is to check for guarantees and reviews to get the best service you deserve.

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