Why You Should Build ADU Above Garage

Published On December 18, 2021 | By Clare Louise | Home Improvement

Why should you build ADU above your garage? Well, there are quite a few reasons why. Let’s take a look and find out.

Save Yourself Money

If you are planning to build an ADU, a garage conversion will be the cheapest option in most cases. Unless your garage is falling apart and needs serious fixing, it will cost way less to turn it into an ADU than building a completely new building.

Plus, your garage likely already has electricity hooked up to it, saving you money in having to run new electrical wires. Most garages also already have a water line running to them. Thus, saving you money in that aspect as well.

Also, you don’t have to worry about leveling the ground or stormwater planning because the structure already exists on leveled ground. More than likely, stormwater planning was already taken into consideration if needed as well.

Housing For Loved Ones

An ADU above your garage offers a great place for your aging children to have some independence of their own without being completely thrown into the real world. They can have their own privacy but still, be close if they need you. Plus, they can live rent-free or for reduced rent if they can’t afford to live somewhere else at the time being but you want them out of your house (in the nicest way possible of course).

Bring In Extra Income

Building an ADU above your garage can also bring you in extra income if you decide to rent it out. Even if you build it for your child at first, after they move out you can rent it out to bring in some extra income. By doing so, you can even have the ADU garage conversion pay for itself.

Offer Affordable Housing

By building an affordable garage conversion, you will also be building an affordable housing option for low-income families that may have very limited options for where they can stay. This helps keep people off the streets and can make you feel like you’re making a difference in your community.

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