Different Types of Powerpoints

Published On December 30, 2020 | By Clare Louise | Featured

A household contains numerous amounts of electrical appliances that need to be connected to a powerpoint to be useful. Therefore, proper powerpoint installation is quite crucial and considered as a necessity in every home. Without a powerpoint, you would not be able to utilise and maximise the function of your home; thus, your appliances will remain to be just a statue sitting on your front porch.

With that in mind, here are the different types of powerpoints that you can use if you wish to add another outlet in your home.

Single and Double Powerpoints

Preferably, if you are in the stage where you and your family are reconstructing and building a home double powerpoints are recommended. But, if the rooms in your residential unit are not used as much as a bedroom then installing a single powerpoint is enough.

Keep in mind that you need a professional if you aim to have a powerpoint installation in your area. If you rely on this circuit mechanism to just somebody then, your premises may be placed at risk.

Always keep in mind that entrusting your home system to professionals is never a waste of money. Thus, it is a good investment that will make your house a home.

Powerpoint with a Switch

These types of powerpoints are perfect if you wish to have a minimalist theme for your room. By choosing this type of switch, clutter across your walls can be reduced.

Before you ask a professional to install a powerpoint with a switch, you should consider the fact that it comes with consequences. Guests may have a hard time looking for your electricity controller. Therefore, they may need assistance when roaming around your home.

With that in mind, it just goes to show that this type of switch is perfect only for areas that do not receive many guests such as a commercial building because they may need your full attention for help.

Powerpoint with a USB Port

This type of powerpoint is perfect for one’s room. It is like any other powerpoints, but the only difference is that you can charge your devices directly to the port without looking for the end socket. It is a space-saving tactic perfect for every home.

Also, you can choose a powerpoint with a USB port, whether it may or may not have a switch. Keep in mind that outlets with a switch are perfect for efficiency, but you have to keep your full eyes on your guests since they may have a hard time locating your controls.

15A Powerpoint

15A powerpoints are perfect for homes that entails a wide range of machinery. On an average home setup, this type of powerpoint is located in a garage or any other place that needs an extreme voltage of electricity. This type of powerpoint is more expensive than the usual, which is why it is recommended to be used in places that need it most.


With that in mind, it is crucial to seek a professional’s help when it comes to installing outlets that may contain high voltage electricity. Once an unknowledgeable individual accesses these matters, one’s life may be placed at risk.

Remember that this is a crucial task that needs experience and proper training to be executed in the best way possible. If not, abrupt electricity disruption can be faced, which may eventually cause a fire on the premises if not responded right away.

By relying on your powerpoint installation to the experts, it just goes to show that you entrust your area to the best and most responsible beings in the field. Keep in mind that these people would not gain their position in the industry if they have not received proper training and showcased the skills that they are capable of doing so.

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