Loft Conversions in the UK

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With the ever rising cost of buying a property in the UK these days, not every householder can even find the funds to move house simply to gain a bit of extra space. The cost of actually moving house needs to be combined with the price of the new property plus all of the inevitable extras when working out the overall outlay involved. When your family is getting too big for your current home and you can’t afford to move there are more solutions.

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A fairly costly option is to extend your current home to gain that additional space, but you may not be able to get the necessary planning permission, and your property might not be suitable. You could do a garage conversion, as long as you’ve got a garage and you aren’t actually using it for your car. Another alternative is a loft conversion, which could not just be affordable, but may also put more value to your property without the need to increase its footprint.

For many of the reasons above loft conversion has become quite popular in the UK lately. You will need to confirm that your house is actually suitable for a loft conversion prior to you making your final judgement. Many modern day houses which have got trussed roofs are not usually suitable. More mature homes that were constructed prior to the seventies are likely to be perfect for loft conversions because they were built using solid timbers and there was typically plenty of headroom.

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You will have to speak to a local the UK conversion specialist to evaluate the situation with your loft and be sure it is in fact acceptable. If the builder gives the go-ahead to have a loft conversion you can get him to provide an estimate. Don’t just go along with the first quotation you obtain, get several quotations before picking your builder. You should not decide solely on cost, try to use your instincts when choosing the ideal person for the project.

the UK loft conversions hardly ever need planning permission, so it is improbable that your conversion will. Consult your local planning office or chat with your loft specialist whether planning permission is needed.

While getting a loft conversion is the best solution for a lot of the UK house owners, it’s still a costly undertaking. A lot of people ask the bank for a loan for projects like this, or perhaps get a second mortgage on their property.

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The design and style of your home influences which kind of loft conversion you choose. There are several different types of conversions available in the UK including: roof light loft conversions, velux conversions, dormer loft conversions, roof lift loft conversions, hip-to-gable conversions, loft pods and mansard conversions. Seek the advice of the loft conversion specialist or builder to determine which sort is most fitting for you home and which would be the most cost effective to suit your budget.

Once your conversion has been done, there are various uses to which you could put that additional space. You may use it as a man cave, an extra bedroom or a new downstairs bathroom.

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