Five Kitchen Remodelling Mistakes that Homeowners can Make

Published On May 4, 2019 | By Sabrina Barstow | Home

Kitchen remodelling requires plenty of time and effort. While you could fantasise about this project all day long, your head could be spinning when it comes time to do your own. There is a big financial commitment involved in a kitchen remodel so you must ensure you are happy with the results by considering Renovco kitchen remodeling. However, a lot of homeowners make mistakes during the remodel which leave them less than happy once the project is completed. You can prevent this from happening when you to avoid making the following mistakes:

Not Considering the Workflow

In the kitchen, the stove, fridge, and sink are the busiest features. That is why they should not be placed side-by-side so it is easy to cook or prepare food at once. It is important to create a triangle with these three features to allow for more plenty of room for you to work efficiently in the kitchen.

Not Picking Appliances Early On

It is important to choose appliances early on in the process rather than putting this off until the last minute. This way, you can be sure your chosen appliances fit snugly between kitchen cabinets. Choosing appliances before the actual kitchen remodel lets you decide where to have cabinets and how much room to leave for your appliances.

Choosing Wrongly Sized Items

If you don’t want your kitchen to look incomplete and sloppy, make sure you pick the right size. For instance, when picking bar stools, pick those with the appropriate size based on your island’s height. Also, light fixtures that are of the right size will not make your entire kitchen slightly off. Thus, make sure you take measurements before buying kitchen items.

Making Aisles Too Tight

Kitchen aisles must be wide enough to accommodate whatever goes on in your kitchen. With clearance, multiple cooks can navigate the room and manoeuvre around each other. As you design your kitchen, ensure all aisles like those between the appliances,   walls, and islands, are between 42 inches and 48 inches wide. Also, think about offsetting how you place major features like the range and sinks. This prevents two cooks from bumping each other.

Overloading and Oversizing the Island

If you have a big room, you may want to invest in two islands. But, you should not supersize the islands since this can make it difficult for people to walk around. Also, overstuffing the islands with baskets, dinnerware, and other items will create a similar issue. Ensure the storage of your island does not extend beyond the countertop’s rim.

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