5 most affordable places to live in Peru

Published On February 3, 2021 | By Sabrina Barstow | Real Estate

Peru isn’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination. The majority of places in this vast and beautiful country will have high property prices, so it makes sense that when looking for some housing, you’d want to find it affordable. But as it so happens, the capital city of Lima, which hosts the most expensive properties, also happens to host some of the cheapest. These are the five most affordable districts to buy property in Peru’s Lima.

  1. Callao

The seaside city in Lima’ metropolitan district is the first on the list, making it the most expensive. Don’t let this deter you right away, as it’s still known to be a rather pleasant district, acting as the home to Peru’s main airport, as well as its chief district. The average pricing for property here is often rounded at about 3,462 Sol (£694) per square metres. Not awfully expensive, considering some properties in Peru, but the following locations on the list are far cheaper.

  1. Ate

Found in Lima’s Eastern side, and sometime referred to as Ate-Vitarte, this district was founded by General Don José de San Martín, a few days following Peru’s declaration of independence in 1821 – and is therefore one of the oldest districts in the capital. The average property pricing here is at around 2,984 Sol (£599) per square metre. There’s some historical value to the area, for those who it interests!

  1. Lurigancho

San Juan de Lurigancho is one of the Lima province’s most gorgeous districts, but it is also among its most populous. As of 2017, the area hosts at least 240,814, and is a candidate for one of the cheapest places to buy property in Peru. In this district, the average property pricing that you’ll find is most likely to be around 2,753 Sol (£552) per square metre of property. Due to its high population, it does happen to be known as one of the more dangerous districts, given the higher crime rates, but this could be considered a simple populous symptom.

  1. Carabayllo

Another district that had been founded by General José de San Martín in 1821, following Peru’s independence. The difference between this district and Ate, however, is its pricing. This area has quite a bit of value among tourists, for its architecture, films and designs, as well as its historic value. The average pricing you’ll discover in this district will round down to about 2,411 Sol (£483) per square metre, making it the second cheapest place to purchase housing on this list.

  1. Comas

The number one spot on this list goes to Comas, marking it as the cheapest place to but property in the Lima province, and in all of Peru. This is among the most populous districts in all of Lima, precisely for its low pricing, which applies to rent as well as property value. Though prices may widely vary in this area, the average of these properties tends to be around 1,861 Sol (£373) per square metre.

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