How to Maintain Your Water Heaters at Home

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Water heaters are essential necessities that add comfort to your homes. It helps you enjoy your morning shower without having to endure the cold and it makes cleaning in the kitchen bearable. To enjoy these conveniences proper cleaning and maintenance are necessary.

How Often Do You Need to Maintain Your Water Heaters

Most water heaters will work perfectly for a decade, or even more, without any care. However, through time, they may not work efficiently as they did during its initial instalment, adding up costs on your water bill or electric bill in the process.

Ideally, it would be best to get professional plumbing services at at least once a year to ensure that your water heaters are working at its best efficiency and to help extend your tank’s life span and serviceability. Regular water heater maintenance also ensures safe and sound use of your water heaters at home.

Maintenance Tips for Your Water Heaters at Home

  • Regularly Checking the Temperature Dial

Gas or electric water heaters are usually controlled by temperature dials. It is advisable to keep the temperature dial setting at or below the suggested factory energy savings setting. You can see this number when you purchase your water heater.

Setting the temperature above the mark may cause excessive wear and tear on your water heater. Setting your temperature too high may also cause scalding.

  • Regularly Checking the Relief Valve

All water heaters located in residential homes are required to have a relief valve as a safety feature. The feature prevents damage and excessive pressure and temperature in your water heaters. This valve is susceptible to corrosion and freezing and can go unnoticed if you do not regularly maintain your water heaters.

It is advisable to trip the lever of the valve manually every two or three months of use to ensure that it will operate freely when the need suddenly arises. If you are not confident to do this on your own, you can seek help from your trusted local plumber to do the check for you.

  • Draining the Tank Regularly

The water tank of your water heaters requires regular draining and cleaning to ensure that there is no sediment build-up or other debris inside your tanks. This is also a great opportunity to check for any leaks or corrosion that may have built up on your tank through the years.

It is ideal to drain the water in the tank in a bucket while stirring up the sediment on the bottom of the tank. The process is done repetitively up until the water that comes from the hose is clean. A professional plumber can easily do this work efficiently for you.

  • Pipe Insulation

The tank of your water heater is not the only area that requires attention and maintenance. The insulation of the pipes of your water heater requires regular checking and maintenance too. This protects your water tank pipes from too much heat or too much cold that may cause freezing or corrosion on your pipes.

It is ideal to change or install new pipe insulation during every water heater maintenance schedule. A self-sticking 3/8 inch foam pipe insulation that matches the diameter of the pipe is already sufficient as your pipe insulation.

If the pipes are 6 inches or less from the flue, you can cover it with an inch thick unfaced fibreglass pipe wrap to complete the insulation. Any professional plumber can do this job efficiently for you, together with the maintenance of your water heaters.

Always seek the advice and the expertise of professional plumbers when dealing with issues and maintenance of your water heaters. It is a wise investment and ensures that your water heaters are safe and efficient to use.

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