Why it is not suggested to put grease in the drain?

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Many people try to put hot and oily grease in the drain system for cleaning it. Once it is gone, we think that there is nothing else we can do. Though, the drain pipes are designed to take whatever we pour inside them. Selecting the ‘simple solutions’ is not the right thing as it can backfire. You should read this post to know why it is asked not to pour the grease in drain pipes.

Danger to the drains

Now, when the grease flows into the drain and everything is cleaned; the grease starts solidifying. Underline this that it could be bad news to you. This is so because this type of grease will block other stuff that is running into the pipes. As time passes, different things start accumulating and slow down the draining process. It further leads to contamination, which is a bad thing.

Sewer system damage

Well, if you are lucky enough and grease doesn’t get solidify, the picture actually gets worse. The fatty substance passing through the drainage system of a kitchen or new toilet, combine together and leads to fatbergs. It is big damage to the sewer back up system that affects the whole home’s sewage system.

Have you already poured grease?

After reading this, if you are thinking that nothing can be done, then we must tell you certain things can be done to reduce down the damage.

  • Just pour the boiling water while running the tap water that is hot along with the soap. The grease will automatically start diluting.
  • If still, the problem persists, you should call an expert plumber who can easily solve the problems.
  • The next thing you can do is allowing the grease to cool down and scrap it out.

Do remember these simple tips that can increase the life of your drainage system.


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