Ways to choose the right gypsum wallboard

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The gypsum wallboard is very popular these days and is used to decorate the walls of homes and offices. This is made by applying force to gypsum in between the paper sheets. There are ample of varieties to choose gypsum wallboard. Their use increases the aesthetic value to the walls and increases their longevity too. Here, we will explain to you with the procedure of choosing the right gypsum, so have a look at the information below:

  1. Check for the performance: One of the most important aspects of the right gypsum is the one having a great performance. Whenever you need to choose the right gypsum, just sort the wide range of gypsum as per its performance. Here are some of the tips that can be helpful to you in sorting as per the performance:
  2. Check for the water-resistant capacity of the wallboard:
  • Go for the option of the standard drywall as this can work on 90% of the wallboard applications and has been in use from the last 50 years. Working with this type of gypsum is quite easy and convenient. However, the disadvantage of using the standard drywall is its inability to hold its structure during a fire and in the damp areas.
  • In the case, you feel that your house comes in contact with the water very easily then, gypsum wallboard is perfect for you. Most of the people use it in their washrooms or in their kitchens. This is having the capacity to resist mold and other fungi.
  1. Check for fire resistance:

Though made with the fire resistance wallboard, the gypsum wallboard is not as much as fire resistance as it sounds. But it has a great burn-through period which provides you the time to control fire easily and make your family safe and secure.

  1. Check out the soundproof consistency:

Made with the sound-dampening technology, this is having air spaces in it which do not allow the sound from the outside to enter inside the home.

  1. Check out wallboard as per size: You can easily make the selection of the gypsum wallboard as per the size. Commonly this is available in the size of 4*5 inches and this is best to use in the areas where lesser number of cuts are needed on the height. In the case of the taller walls, you can prefer the size of 9, 10 or 12 inches.
  2. Check out thickness: The wallboards are available having variable thickness and you should choose the gypsum wallboard as per your need.

Take away point:

While choosing the right gypsum wallboard, check out its performance, size, water resistance capacity, and thickness.  These parameters will make your selection easier and cost effective.

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