The Top 3 Reasons Of A Failing Water Heater

Published On November 17, 2022 | By Poly Dom | Home Improvement

Having hot water at any time is a blessing for a busy household. With the help of this technological advancement, you can have a lot of free time on your hands. Thus, ensuring a functional electric storage water heater is a must. But how would you know if your favourite appliances are one step away from malfunctioning? Below are the top 3 symptoms that you should look at: 

  • Water Leakage

Do you notice a water pooling beath your tank? If yes, it is time to check your single-point water heater or multipoint water heater. Water Leakage is one of the most obvious reasons you need to replace it. 

An important reminder: If the leak comes from a TPR valve, act as soon as possible, as it can lead to overheating. 

  • Rumbling Noises

A creaking, popping and rumbling noise are coming out of your tank. If this occurs, don’t think twice, and let your best plumbing man come to the rescue. Water heater noises can also be caused by hard water or mineral build-up. Minerals build up on the heater’s surface, causing the distinctive popping sound. 

  • Lack of Hot Water 

Is your shower water warm? Is it taking a while to get hot water? A lack of hot water is the primary culprit of a failing water heater. 

It happens due to the water minerals formed when water is heated, usually by an electric or gas source. They settle at the bottom. These mineral deposits build up in the tank and act as a barrier between water and the burner.It reduces heat reaching the water, so your showers will get colder.

Your tank’s heating element will have to work harder if there is more sediment, which will eventually fail, either by leaking or simply stopping working altogether. 

Bottom Line

No matter how much you take a good care your water heater, there will be a time that you need to replace it. So, take note of the points discussed above. Or for more information, visit Rheem Philippines or contact them at+63-917-599-5329 to get insights about the other factors contributing to a failing water heater.

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