Florida’s Best Roof Shapes For High Wind

Published On May 26, 2022 | By Paul Petersen | Home Improvement

Florida experiences hurricanes and strong storms quite often. The warm ocean current from the Gulf of Mexico flows north along Florida’s coast to merge into the Atlantic Ocean. This merging of water often creates powerful hurricanes and windy weather in St. Petersburg FL. When building a home in Florida, there are many factors to consider. Perhaps the most important factor is the shape of your roof.

Aerodynamics is a very relevant topic. Aerodynamics is the study of how a solid structure can withstand the full force and allow the wind to flow around it rather than at it. Aerodynamic principles should guide the design of your roof. A gabled roof is a barrier to the wind’s destructive force.

You can take steps to avoid the destructive force of wind. Multi Sided roofs will allow air to flow around them, reducing wind force. Your roof can be lifted or moved if the eaves are large enough to capture the force of wind. The wind’s upward thrust will be reduced if the eaves are as narrow as possible. Roof pitch also plays a role in wind resistance. In Florida, it is best to keep the pitch of your roof low.

Roof shapes for St. Petersburg, Florida homes

Hipped roof

The roof has four sides with equal slopes that meet at the top. Two sides of this roof form are usually triangles and two sides are trapezoids. A combination of multiple hips is better if the house is very large. Low pitched roofs are often preferred. This reduces wind impact on the roof. Air flows around the roof’s hips. These roofs are called cross-hipped roofs.

Jerkinhead roof

This roof shape is both fascinating and complex. The “clipped Gable” is also known as a hipped or gabled roof. It is shaped like a gable roof, but the two sides meet at the top. The top portion flattens to a platform-like structure. This roof shape adds beauty to your home. It also reduces wind-induced shock to your roof.

Florida’s subtropical weather is unpredictable and can cause hurricanes. It is important that homeowners choose the right roof shape. Talking with a skilled roofer about the matter will help to make informed decisions.

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