How to get rid of ant pests

Published On October 13, 2021 | By Sabrina Barstow | Featured

While these tiny insects like most pests are harmless – they don’t rely on human blood like bed bugs, they can take over a kitchen, especially if you leave food lying around.

Here’s how to keep your home pest-free, one of which is ants quickly:

  • Find the source of the pest.
  • Eliminate all visible pests.
  • Clean areas of the house to prevent future problems.

Wipe the surface the ants walk on clean. Fortunately, the route of an ant’s journey can be estimated from the nest to the kitchen by following the smells that other ants have left behind. This means that if you watch the ants move long enough, you can pinpoint where they appeared and find out where they were moving later. Use a large sponge and soapy water to wash the ants off your surfaces and sink, followed by a white vinegar solution to remove odors from the trail.

Inhibit the place of emergence. Ants tend to walk down walls and into homes through cracks in windows and door frames. Make sure that any potential entry points are covered as tightly as possible (by covering holes etc.) and then draw a chalk line in front of the entrance to stop ants from crossing your home.

Find and destroy the nest. The final solution if you can’t find or close the ant’s entry point is to eradicate the nest. Pour boiling water on the anthill to eradicate the colony.

Take precautions. If you keep your kitchen and dining area clean, you will have fewer ants to deal with. Do not leave open food on the table and place food packaging in jars.

However, there are a few tips that can help you and make keeping your home pest free  easier. Invite the entire household to clean the house for 15 minutes. Focus this house cleaning activity on areas that are really important to clean. Cleaning them together will certainly lighten your load.

In addition, this habit can help reduce your burden because this activity is very effective in helping you keep your house clean. By doing so, the dirty areas in your home are reduced.

So, when you want to clean the house as a whole, it doesn’t take you long because the area that needs to be cleaned is not too much.

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