Luxury Beds – a Guide on the Best Types and Styles

Published On May 22, 2020 | By Clare Louise | Featured, Furniture

Beds are the centerpiece items around which all the other themes are designed. And, as surprising as it may sound, a bed is actually a combination of board and frame. Tweak them a little here and a little there, and that’s how different styles and types are born. We have compiled the most charming of those luxury bed types and styles in the guide below. Have a look at it before you go bed hunting.

Types of Luxury Beds you’d Like

Luxury beds have insightful and creative structures when they’re designed at elite showrooms like Ambienti. Some of the true marvels made at this showroom are as follows.

  1. Sleigh Beds

Inspired by the 19th century American-French Empire, these beds have 2 classic trademarks:

  • Scrolled heads
  • Heavy wood floorboards.
  1. Poster Beds

These are one of most luxurious designer beds that are distinguished by 4 vertical columns standing as pillars on all the 4 sides of a bed.

Some of the most popular poster classifications are:

  • Four poster beds.
  • Pencil poster beds.
  • Half poster beds.
  • Low poster beds.
  1. Canopy Beds

These are of 2 types – contemporary canopy beds (less decorative) and traditional canopy beds (heavy and highly decorative).

The one thing that makes them different from poster beds is that there’s a canopy that attaches all the 4 posts at the top.

  1. Half Tester Beds

The structure of these beds take inspiration from ancient regal times. Their unique classifications are:

  • A half canopy.
  • They can be built with inside lighting for glow.
  • Their feet are lower than usual canopy beds.

A few other famous luxury bed types are:

  • Ottoman beds.
  • Sofa beds.
  • Cabin beds.

Bed Materials that you Can Consider:

The most popular materials that go into making luxury beds are listed below.

  • Metal – they are lighter.
  • Wood – they are artistic beds that are used to create rustic, vintage, contemporary, and cottage looks.
  • Woven – these render the beds a countryside look.
  • Brass – these are the best choices to recreate ancient charm.
  • Upholster – also known to give a buttoned look, their sit-up backboard is made very soft.

Luxury Bed Styles You’ll Never Forget

Luxury beds can render any room a classy look. The most popular styles that they recreate include the following:

  1. Modern Style – These have a simpler and neat look that’s quite sophisticated.
  2. Cottage Style – These old-world babies are characterized by the painted decorations they flaunt.
  3. Country Style – These beds create a fine rustic finish.
  4. Retro Style – They imbibe the vintage charm blended with a modern look.
  5. French Style – These beds infuse a room with fantasy and romantic vibes.

That said, if you’re interested in looking at more variety, make sure you have a look at the Ambienti website before you go shopping.

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