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Why do you need a Home Warranty?

As an owner of the home, you are responsible for the maintenance of the property. A home warranty is a safety value against high-priced and unplanned repairs. A home warranty comes about with covering so many household applications and electrical systems. Many plans are provided for the customer so that they select the plans according to their wishes and convenience. It covers the allowed electrical system and applications which may be new or old. It is necessary to check out the coverage plans as per the customer’s needs and the costs. Pursuing a home warranty from a decent home warranty service may help you save money rather than spending on any unwarranted things at home. It is more beneficial to those who have spent all their savings buying a new home and avoiding significant expenses. It is additional security for your possessions which includes home applications, systems, and also your budget. You can get a home warranty whenever you want after getting home. If you lose your home warranty, you have to face many financial crises. A home warranty does not cover the things which home insurance covers. The home warranty seems to be valued more when selling or buying a new home. It does not finance the items that are not maintained correctly.

Plans that fit your budget

The home warranty protection plan has brought forth so many varieties of plans for appliances and electrical systems. You can choose the coverage plan as per your budget and convenience that covers most of the system and application. We tied up with some service providers such as plumbers or electricians to deliver you the best service. A basic coverage applies to only a few things, that do not cover all the systems and applications. Additional coverage is provided as per the needs of the customer.

Home Warranty Coverage plans

Complete care home warrantyservice offers three plans which include are,

  • Appliance plan
  • System plan
  • Complete home plan
  • The appliance plan comes with a clothes’ washer, dryer, oven, range, stove, cook-tops, built-in microwave oven, dishwasher, garbage disposal, garage door opener, ceiling, exhaust fan.
  • The system plan comes about with an air conditioning system, electrical system, heating system, HVAC system, plumbing system, stoppages, water heater, and ductwork.
  • The complete home plan covers all the items included in the appliance plan and system plan

Additional coverage

We also provide some additional services which include,

  • Swimming pool,
  • Spa, additional spa
  • Limited roof leak,
  • Central vacuum,
  • Sump pump,
  • Well, pump,
  • Septic system,
  • Septic pumping,
  • Second refrigerator,
  • Stand-alone freezer,
  • Water softener,
  • Refrigerator ice maker,
  • Freestanding ice maker,
  • Sprinkler system,
  • Tank-less water heater, and
  • Additional garage door opener,
  • Oven, range, stove,
  • Clothes washer,
  • Clothes dryer,
  • Air conditioning system, and
  • Heating systems.



With these plans, you can choose what is convenient and comes under your budget. The coverage varies from state to state and the plans purchased. Our service will provide you with a guarantee of protection of your belongings. You can claim whenever you want there is no time limit for claims you can file. We work across the nations to serve customers’ needs.

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