What to Look for In a Power Washing Company – a Guide About Best Services they Offer

Published On May 4, 2020 | By Sabrina Barstow | Home Improvement


Power washing the exteriors of any building (residential or commercial) is one of the best ways to get rid of organic growth on the walls alongside dirt and settled dust. However, it’s best to choose professionals to do so. That said, the company that you choose must have the following characteristics that determine whether or not you’re putting your money in the right place. 


  • It should use the soft washing technique for cleaning the walls instead of high pressure washing. 
  • The professionals it hires should be experienced. 
  • Elite firms must have a business license – for example, Zachs Power Washing and gutter cleaning company has a business license number, ZACHSPW813QH. 


Now that you know what characteristics an elite firm must possess, it’s time you have a look at the essential services they must offer. 


  1. Walls Soft Washing Services


Companies like Zachs Power Washing use the soft wash technique to clean the walls. It’s a technique where a detergent-mixed water solution is used to clean the walls. 


  • The pressure of the water is kept minimal. Instead, more volume is used for deep cleaning. 
  • The detergent takes off the bacteria and the water takes away settled dust and dirt. 


  1. No Pressure Roof Cleaning Service


No pressure roof cleaning at Zachs power washing is a technique that does not use water for cleaning the roof bed. 


There’s a chemical solution that is spread across the roof’s floor and left to dry for 2 or 3 minutes. Within that span, it kills all the mildew and algae. Once it turns white, the loose and big chunks can be removed with a soft brush. The smaller ones that are still bound to the roof automatically wither off in the wind and rain. 


  • The chemical solution causes no harm to the paint. 
  • It doesn’t seep within the ceiling cracks. 


  1. Gutter Cleaning Services


Cleaning the gutter is always a tricky affair in all seasons, especially, the monsoons. So, when you pick professionals to do the work, they have the following services to offer. 


  • Seal the leakage point perfectly. 
  • Remove debris to open the clogged and choked pipeline. 


  1. Concrete Cleaning Services


Concrete cleaning stems out of the need to clean the driveway and walkway. You can argue that dust can be taken off with water, but algae cannot. For that, you’ll need the services of professionals. 


They will effectively irradicate the algae that’ll remove all the slipperiness. 


  1. Window Cleaning Services


Window panes and sills inarguably remain the most neglected areas in a house. 


Professionals can take care of them though. They deep clean the glass to remove all the dirt and bacteria while removing the dust trapped in the corners. As a result:


  • Rooms get to see more sunshine. 
  • There’s less bacteria due to less dust. 


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