What you should know before hiring an interior designer for renovating an old house?

Published On October 10, 2020 | By Poly Dom | Home Improvement

Remodeling of an old house may sound simple, but it is not. It is not just about buying new furniture or modern tiles, but patience, budget, hiring a professional interior designer, materials, planning, experience, etc. However, if you want to do the tasks alone, it is not recommended. The best option is to hire a professional interior designer at affordable prices. Today, we will expand this information, with a series of important tips in this type of reform.

Energy efficiency

An important aspect to take into account in any home is energy efficiency. When we are going to undertake a reform in an old house, which has not been recently rehabilitated, it is advisable to optimize the air conditioning in order to start saving energy. Here it is convenient to put into practice the concept of Passive House, which consists of taking advantage of the internal sources of energy that we normally find in a home, and minimizing ventilation losses through heat recovery systems. Also, make use of comfort elements to achieve a comfortable and efficient home, which allows saving resources.


When you consider the reform of an old home, you should not feel shy about asking for estimates for the different options that the renovation company proposes. The most appropriate thing is to choose a combination of the different proposals that are presented to you, since it ends up being the best of the options. A good company should be able to offer you several options for distribution and finishes so that you can choose the best possible result.

Professional advice

From our experience we recommend that, before carrying out this type of reform, you find a trustworthy company, which you can count on when making decisions and who will accompany you in the process. That he knows how to help you choose the best option and prevent you from making decisions that may lead to problems in the future. For more information, visit this link https://www.tanstudio.com.sg/. It is important to have personalized advice for your case, so that they can advise you based on the structure of your home, its distribution, the facilities that will be necessary, even the finishes of each room and each material.

If you are thinking of carrying out a reform in your old house and you still do not have a company to trust, remember that you can search the internet and hire the nearest interior design company at affordable prices. They will be happy to advise you and help you find the optimal solution for your renovation project


Renovating an old house is a process that requires more steps than doing it with a home that only needs a little revision. In general, this type of housing requires, among other things, a study to determine its condition. It may also require a renovation of your electricity or water systems. It may not even have a built-in heating system, so it will need to be installed as well. There are many elements to take into account. But it will also be necessary to carry out more procedures to be able to do so.

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