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Is the fence around your property in need of repair or replacement? Do you belong to a homeowners’ organization that mandates a wooden fence around all properties? Do you like how the fence looks the way it came out of the ground, or would you rather have a different style?

Before settling on a wooden fence, you should always do your homework. In order to make the greatest selection for your family, it is essential that you learn as much as you can about Boise fencing–specifically those made of wood.

Read on for details on the care and upkeep of wood fences, as well as several options you may not have thought about.


If properly installed and maintained, a wood fence may endure anywhere from ten to fifteen years. The cedar fences installed by Butte Fence are of the highest quality. Perhaps you’re curious about how soon you’ll be able to tell whether your fence needs to be replaced. Read the following assessment recommendations.

Rotting Planks

It’s one thing to have a few rotten boards, but if your fence is rotten from top to bottom, it’s time to replace it. Wood fences usually deteriorate the quickest at their lowest points. The decomposition of the boards is accelerated here because of the high humidity levels. Careful maintenance and the application of a preservative are essential for avoiding decay. On the other hand, nature always wins out in the end, and decay sets in. If the fence posts or planks have deteriorated significantly, you should get new ones.


Wind, rain, and variations in elevation might cause your fence to sag. This is because the fence’s framework has deteriorated, which happens naturally after long use. In many cases, slight tilting in a localized region may be fixed by replacing or altering a select number of fence posts. A widespread trend, however, is typically indicative of impending peril.

Unconnected Boards

If a board is missing or cracks, you may get a new one. The number of broken and missing boards has made it necessary to begin construction all over again. Even the most durable wood deteriorates in the sun and rain for long enough. Freeze-thaw cycles are another common problem that ruins otherwise functional boards. Your fence’s performance and appearance may suffer if you use rotten, deformed, or otherwise damaged planks.

Missing and Broken Hardware

Nails and screws in your fence may work loose or fall out over time. Even though the screws and nails can be replaced, the wood may become too weak to hold them in place at some point. If your fence is shaky because of missing or loose fasteners, there’s no use in trying to repair them all. Trying to repair a rotting fence by replacing rotten bolts will not work.

Think About Price

When selecting whether or not to rebuild your fence, what factors should you weigh the most heavily? To fix something instead of replacing it is the most frugal choice. Whether you can, try to calculate how much fixing your fence will cost and then determine if you are willing to do so. A new fence that will endure for many years is often better than spending a lot of money on an old fence that will only last a year or two.

If you want privacy and security for your home without sacrificing its curb appeal, it’s time to get rid of that old wooden fence. Every decade or so, you, as a property owner, should make plans to repair your wooden fence.

Taking Care of Wooden Fences

Most wooden fences are constructed from cedar or redwood because these woods are naturally resistant to decay.

It is also important to check that the surrounding tree systems won’t topple the fence. There also shouldn’t be any vines clinging to it. Shrubs and vines, despite their aesthetic value, may speed a fence’s breakdown and decay.

Your fence’s lifespan may be greatly increased by using pressure-treated wood. Using wood sealants and preservatives should be done sparingly. Get in touch with your fencing company to get information on how to maintain your wooden fence. It is also essential that you understand any guarantees that apply to your fence.

Procedures to be Followed Once a Year for Inspections

Every year, landowners should undertake a full check of the fence. By doing so, issues may be spotted before they spiral out of control. Both the wood itself and the fasteners (nails and screws) holding it together should be carefully inspected.

Additionally, inspect the fence posts and post holes to confirm that they are still secure in the ground. Parts of the fence that are elevated from the ground are better protected from the effects of moisture and time.

Every few years, you should give the fence a good scrub down and repaint or stain it. Doing so will protect the fence’s integrity while also maintaining its beautiful look.

Wooden Fence Pros and Cons

Wooden fences are a popular solution for many homeowners for several reasons. Obviously, the price will change based on factors like location and the accessibility of necessary supplies. Listed below are a few benefits for your review.

  • Wooden fences are an economical and trustworthy option. Wood fences are more cost-effective than other popular fencing materials like wrought iron, aluminum, and vinyl since they are both eco-friendly and easily accessible. If you have a wood fence properly erected and maintained, it will look great for decades.
  • A wooden fence requires little upkeep. Soap and water, paint, stain, or a water-repellent may all be used to keep your fence in good condition. Individual boards may be replaced to fix a panel that has been distorted or broken.
  • You may customize the height and breadth of a wooden fence to fit your needs. The styles range from the board on board to split rail to picket to the paddock to shadowbox to the stockade and beyond. A wooden fence may be customized to fit the aesthetic of any home or business.
  • In terms of environmental impact, a timber fence is preferable. Wood is a great option for eco-conscious consumers since it is a renewable resource. In addition, there are a growing variety of eco-friendly alternatives for preventing pests and rust from damaging wooden fences.
  • To increase your home’s value, a wooden fence is an excellent investment. Wood fences provide both protection and privacy, which are selling points for homes that use them. Additionally, wooden fences may enhance the functionality of your yard, safeguard your kids and pets, and boost your home’s resale value for as long as you live there.


In the end, you want your fence to be aesthetically pleasing, last for many years, and keep unwanted eyes out. If you have fencing needs, you should talk to the professionals at Butte Fence. Since they are well-versed in all kinds of fencing, they can provide you with valuable insight into which solution is ideal for you. To read more about the company and the services they provide, click here.

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