Houston’s Best Running Trails

Published On May 29, 2019 | By Danny White | Featured

There’s nothing like a good run to clear the mind before work and to relax afterward. However, a city like Houston has so many parks and green spaces that it can be hard to know where to start. Here’s a guide to five running trails every visitor should check out:

Memorial Park

Memorial Park Loop (officially called the Seymour Lieberman Exer-Trail) is popular with both casual walkers and serious runners. This trail offers you almost three miles of oak-shaded beauty and views of the Houston skyline. You can also break free of the loop at the southern side and explore 20 miles of connecting paths.

Paul Carr Jogging Trail

History, art, and architecture buffs may love thistwo-mile route. You’ll be rewarded with views of Victorian-style mansions along Heights Boulevard, neighborhoods with beautiful gardens, and creative installations from Houston’s booming art scene. This chill trail is well worth a visit for people looking to unwind.

Seawall Boulevard

Love the ocean? Take a quick trip to Galveston Island. Seawall Boulevard offers a10-mile long urban park that lets you hit the sand while soaking up some sun. You can also get motivated during your jog by the stunning ocean views, especially around sunset. Keep in mind that traffic can be intense, so allow plenty of time to drive there and back.

Terry Hershey Park

Looking for more of a challenge? Terry Hershey Park offers a number of walking, hiking, and biking trails. The most rugged of them is Anthills Trail. This takes you off road, up and down hills, and through deep woods. Anthills Trail is shady and cooler than many other options during the hot Texas summers.

If you have time after your run, check out the butterfly garden. It features a spectacular variety of flowers and colorful insects.

George Bush Park

Runners who hate taking the same route twice should check out this park. It covers a whopping 7,800 acres on the western end of the city and is crisscrossed with trails. You can jog here for weeks and still discover new areas. On any given day you may pass by swamps, ancient and towering trees, glades and fields, and more. Just remember your insect repellent during the warmer months.

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