Which energy is leaping in a race of sustainability?

Published On February 11, 2022 | By Sabrina Barstow | Home Improvement

It is very evident that sustainability has to take place, the finite resources cannot be used whereas infinite resources like air, sun, and water, biomass has to be used in a correct way to maximize their capacity as a whole. Air, water, sun and biomass are the most common sources of energy generation. 

If we talk about only one source, then it has to be the sun used for energy generation which is very commonly used because it is more efficient than other sources. In the United States, betterearth solar is the largest solar installer in California. Given below are some points where we can compare solar energy with other renewable sources of energy to know how it is better than them –

  • Comparing wind energy to solar energy

Setting up a windmill requires a good amount of investment. Windmills are very noisy and can sometimes disrupt the ongoing business operations. Windmills require huge space for setting up whereas solar panels can be set up easily on any type of rooftop.

  • Comparing solar energy with the biomass

The PV cells which are used in solar panels do not occupy any space on land whereas it is not the case with Biomass. Energy is generated in biomass by burning woods and other wastes. While they are not considered efficient on the other hand solar energy is considered the most efficient source of energy generation.

  • Comparing solar energy with hydro energy

Solar energy does not require a lot of years to build whereas a hydropower plant requires a lot of time to build it. There are changes to the environment that are to be done in the case of a hydropower plant whereas it is not the case with solar panels. Hydroelectricity is generated through hydropower plants and dams which are made. While they are made it hampers aquatic life. Whereas solar panels can fit at any sort of roof with proper installation taking place.

You have an added advantage if you have installed solar panels at your place because it has an edge over other sources. You can save cost, it is versatile and the benefits would not end up anytime if we keep on writing.

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