How to Achieve Perfect Kids Closet Organization?

Published On August 2, 2021 | By Paul Petersen | Home Improvement

Everyone who has kids, especially those under the age of ten, knows how hard it is to make them arrange the closet every time a new piece of clothing is needed from it. It’s a struggle to make children organize their closets, which is why the parents do this job most of the time.

Because you’re doing the task, you must arrange everything the way you feel it’s the most appropriate. However, arranging your closet and this one is never the same. Children’s clothes and the priority of what needs to be used at what time are different, which is why organizing is also different.

Additionally, you will need to make your kids want to reach for the closet and make them get something out of there, so everything needs to be aligned perfectly for them too. Only those things that are not going to be worn this season can go on the highest shelves.

In this article, we’re sharing some tips that will help you achieve perfect kids’ closet organization. If you want to do this perfectly, then you should follow our tips and be sure that you’ll do it the right way. Follow up and see what we have prepared for you.

1. Avoid hangers

Kids of young age have a huge problem with hangers. For the adults, hanging something comes naturally, but the kids’ soft motor skills are still not as developed as ours, which is why they hate putting something on and off the hangers. Learn more about fine motor skills here.

If you can choose, then create a custom-made closet that will have fewer hangers and more of everything else. This way your children won’t create an aversion towards using it, and you’ll easily convince them to store the clothes by themselves, but also to make sure that they get used to using them as they grow older.

Think about including hangers as the age of the child goes up. Over the age of five, children should understand how things work and you can get a closet with more hangers. If you’re building one for a 10-year old, then you can treat them almost as adults and have more hangers.

2. Get a custom closet with more shelves

Instead of focusing on the hangers, it’s better to get more shelves. Kids love shelves, and they are ready to put everything on them because they love seeing how they arranged everything. Having a closet in their room is not just a place to store their clothes, but also a lesson that they need to learn in life.

That means having more shelves will make them more interested in taking care of their clothes. Kids love to see the product of their work, and if you show them how interesting sorting out clothes can be, then they’ll surely enjoy it.

At the same time, when everything is placed on a shelf, your children will easily have access to it. Start with the lowest levels and have items placed as lower as possible. Understand that their line of sight is much lower than ours, so put most of the clothes on lower shelves.

If you do this, your children will easily get what they need and soon learn how to return the washed pieces of clothing. They will create a feeling of ownership towards the item, and they’ll practice cleaning up and maintaining the place like it is their obligation and not yours.

3. Drawers may be a problem too

As we already mentioned above, kids love to see the product of their efforts. If you place everything in drawers, they will surely not be able to find what they need. Kids’ brains are working differently than the ones of adults, and you must adjust to it rather than expecting them to adjust to your wishes.

If you place everything in drawers, they might open just one of them and cry for help claiming that they can’t find anything. When things are hidden inside cabinets, and drawers, they get the feeling that the entire closet is empty, and there’s nothing for them there.

Instead, you should only have a few drawers that will be enough for the vital clothing, like underpants, and items that it is best not to be covered in dust from the outside. Everything else should be placed outside of drawers so that kids can easily get access to it.

4. Make the closet wide, not tall

Creating a custom closet means that you have all the options available. Parents who order these kinds of items should have in mind that their children are the ones that should have perfect access to them, rather than the adults themselves.

This is why you need to think more of a closet that won’t be narrow and tall to save more space in the room but have one that will be wide and provide easy access to everything.

Having kids climbing up chairs or ladders is extremely dangerous, and you can’t have 100% control over their actions. If they think they should get something from the higher shelves, there will be nothing you can do at some points, so it’s much smarter not to provide the option in the first place.

5. Think about the toys

Toys have a special place in the hearts of kids. They love them just as they love their parents. That’s why a special place is needed in the closet for them. Just look at the images on and see how kids are going to use the custom-made closet to store their clothes too.

When you’re choosing a new one for their room, you need to think about this part too. Make sure there’s enough space for their favorite dolls, teddy bears, and similar toys. You don’t want to break their dreams by telling them there’s not enough room.

On the other hand, if you allow the toys to go on the shelves, then you won’t have room for the actual clothes, so make sure you achieve a perfect balance by getting an appropriate closet.

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