Tips to Select the Perfect Curtains for Your Space

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The curtains in the decoration constitute a functional as well as decorative element. They serve to filter natural light, create intimacy or accompany the style of decoration. They can also be used to enhance the view to the outside.

Due to its variety and its influence on decoration, the use of curtains must be analyzed beforehand. The purpose of the curtain, the decorative style of the environment and the size of the window should be considered. With this data, we can define the type of curtain to be used, the size, the fabric and the color or design.

#1: Define the function of the curtain

The variables can be many, even a sum of several. However, it is necessary to clarify which or what will be the reasons which we have to think about a curtain. These might be:

  • To filter (cover or reduce) the passage of light.
  • Safeguard privacy
  • Reinforce a decorative style.
  • Accompany or combine with certain details of color or style another element of the decoration: a carpet, the upholstery of an armchair, the wallpaper.
  • Enhance a view to the outside.
  • Cover a view to the outside
  • Visually enlarge or reduce a room or a window   

#2: Choose the type of curtain

Once we are clear about why we need a curtain, we can begin to define the aesthetic details: type of curtain, color, fabric. The type of curtain is given mainly by the system used to hang it and the appropriate design to that system. You can check Store Urbain to make the choice that best suits your need and style.

#3: Choose the fabric

Apart from merely aesthetic considerations – which should be taken care of in each particular case, a good reason to choose the fabric is to find the right fabric that allows us to pass the required light.

In rooms with few hours of direct sunlight, a light and translucent curtain, which allows the passage of light but that offers privacy, is convenient. On the other hand, in rooms exposed to a lot of sunlight, thicker curtains are required, which avoid excessive heat in summer and the year-round wear of furniture and objects produced by the sun’s rays.

#4: Choose the color and design of the curtain

The color of the curtain is decisive in the decoration or in the effect that you want to achieve. The dark curtains visually reduce the room, while the light curtains enlarge it. Large prints should be used carefully.

Always take into account the material, the color and the design of the fabrics with which the furniture of the place where the curtains will hang is upholstered. It is also important to consider the color of the walls and the type of floor, carpet, or floor mats so that everything harmonizes.

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