Debunking common myths about bed bugs

Published On May 15, 2022 | By Paul Petersen | Home

Some people suffer from an innate fear of bed bugs. These tiny insects survive on blood and can be a serious nuisance. There are also weird myths about infestation and risks. If you have found evident signs of bed bugs, you should immediately call a professional pest control company. You can also read more here. For your help, we are sharing a few common myths about these pests. 

You can only find bed bugs on the bed

Because of the evident name, people often assume that they can only find bed bugs on the bed. You can find these insects on other furniture items, including the headboard and couches, and also on travel bags. Even other animals, such as cats and dogs, often work as hosts. People are also surprised to know that bed bugs can be found in trains, buses, and airplanes. 

Bed bugs can spread diseases

This is a myth. While these blood-sucking insects could be a pure nuisance, bed bugs are not known to carry diseases. The typical concern is related to bed bug bites.

You will only find bed bugs in dirty places

While bed bugs can find hiding spots in clutters, these insects are not typically attracted to dirt. If you have found signs of infestation, you may want to clean your home for the clutter, but keeping the house clean doesn’t mean that bed bugs wouldn’t return. 

Alcohol can kill bed bugs

If you try pouring alcohol on a bed bug, it would kill the insect. However, just cleaning the surfaces and furniture with alcohol wouldn’t get rid of the problem. Like many other insects, bed bugs have a weird scent, and alcohol can help get rid of that.

“I don’t have bite marks, and therefore, there are no bed bugs.”

This is probably the biggest myth of call. Some people just don’t react to bed bug bites, and it can take many days for the bite mark to surface. If you have found unusual stains on your sheets, clothes, and linen or have found shed body parts and other evident signs, you must call a pest control service. With the right approach, they can help tackle the bed bug problem at hand and would also offer a warranty on the job. 

Call professional services as soon as you find bed bugs in plain sight because the problem is probably worse than you think.

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