Mobile Homes For Sale, What Do You Need To Look For?

Published On September 30, 2021 | By Danny White | Real Estate

You have decided to check out the mobile homes for sale in Fenton. What are the criteria to focus on when you visit the home? In this article, you will be informed about what you need to look out for when checking out the mobile home.

Can The Mobile Home Be Moved Into The Property?

Since you decided to check out the mobile homes for sale in Fenton, you need to check the rules and regulations regarding mobile homes in Fenton. You want a mobile home that can be brought into your property. 

First Impressions Always Matter

A neat mobile home should be given preference. If the owners keep the mobile home neat, there is a chance that they will be up to date with the maintenance of the mobile home as well.

Check The Wiring And Water Connections

The wiring and water connections are the two most important things to check in a mobile home. If there is previously existing water damage or wiring problems, these will be difficult to repair later.

Check all the water sources, the walls, around the doors and windows for any signs of water damage. Have a look at the sinks, toilets, washing machines, dishwashers, and showers for any possible water leaks.

Be very careful when checking the bathroom floors. Many homeowners install carpet in the bathroom and may never even know about the water damage occurring underneath.

Replacing a light fixture or changing the floor covering is an easy job. However, electricity, and water-related repairs, will require professionals. These may increase your budget.

Do All The Doors And Windows Close Properly?

If you notice that the interior doors and kitchen cabinets don’t close without help, it is an indication that the house is un level.

An un level mobile home can cause leaks and put stress on the joints of the home. During freezing and thawing seasons, the soil settles and the mobile home may become un level. Therefore, the home must be checked every alternate summer to confirm that everything is at a level.

Check The Underbelly

The underbelly of the home can reveal a lot of things about the home. Every pier should support a beam. If you notice a space between the top of the buyer and the beam, then the home is compromised and stressed.

Remember to check the plastic sheeting under the home for tears. This plastic sheet under the mobile home acts as an insulator, vapor barrier, and protection for the home.


Good research and knowledge can help you find an affordable and comfortable mobile home that suits your needs. Mobile home living is a great way to live comfortably while still saving money.

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