Guide to Visit Art Galleries in Any City

Published On April 22, 2019 | By Paul Petersen | Featured

Whether you’re vacationing in a big city or a small town, taking a look at local art galleries can be a very enjoyable activity. There are so many places in the world with sectors of flourishing galleries and visiting these galleries is an opportunity to see high-quality art and take the pulse of local artistic trends.

But how do you choose the galleries to see and how do you better appreciate the art they exhibit? This article will help you with that.

#1: Make a list

Some cities such as Hong Kong and London are home to several hundred galleries, so it is necessary to make a limited list of those you want to see. Once you look for the galleries in your destination (it is usually useful to search the internet, ask your hotel concierge or search in a local newspaper), choose those with the most recent exhibitions.

Also, look to see a bit of everything so you can enjoy various media and artistic styles. Some galleries only exhibit paintings, while others focus on photography, sculpture or installations. Try to visit a gallery the day an exhibition opens, because the artist whose work is shown is usually present. You will not only see art but also the artist, which is always fun.

#2: Visit different neighborhoods

In large cities, art galleries tend to concentrate on different neighborhoods according to the style of art they show. It is, however, good to go to a few areas to get a broad view of the world of the city’s galleries. In Montreal, for example, you can check out galleries like Galerie LeRoyer.

#3: Do not visit more than ten galleries

A day to go from one gallery to another should include no more than that amount. Although many galleries do not have more than a few works on display, the art that you will see may become blurred if you see too much.

#4: Have a visiting strategy

When you arrive at a gallery, take the newsletter and the list of the exhibited works; both are usually available to visitors at the reception. The newsletter will include a biography of the artist and the list will contain important information about the works you are about to see. It is often the case that art galleries do not put technical sheets together with the works they exhibit. If you have questions about the works, ask one of the vendors of the gallery. Even if you do not want to buy anything, part of your job is to share your knowledge with visitors.

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