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When you set out to buy your house, you embark on a journey full of excitement and happiness. Undoubtedly, this will be one of the biggest decisions of your life.  Which is why, it is important that you take every step with caution so that you do not have any unpleasant experience in the house buying process. One of the key decisions that you will have to make is shortlisting the projects which meet your criterion of configuration, location, price and amenities. In this article, we will tell you why you should buy your house from a reputed developer. kalpataru elegante kandivali

Good Quality Construction

When you’re looking out for purchasing a house, the biggest factor which you should focus on is the quality of construction. Surely you don’t want to experience issues like leakages and falling plaster shortly after you occupy the apartment. When you choose a reputed builder, you get the assurance of good construction quality, as the developer will not make any compromise on the construction quality for avoiding any damage to his reputation. A reputed developer will hire the best of structural engineers and contractors, for ensuring that the quality and safety of the construction is of the highest standard. kalpataru elegante 2 bhk

Timely Possession

The culmination of your house buying process is when you get possession of your fully completed dream home and step into in for the first time with your family. However, the journey from a vacant piece of land to a fully completed building ready for possession is a long one for a developer. The reputation which a developer creates over a period of time is a direct result of how many residential projects he has completed and delivered on time. With this reputation, the developer never faces a financial crunch and the construction on the project goes on without any interruption. Choosing such a reputed developer will give you peace of mind that your dream home will come into your possession on the promised date. However, you should factor in some time beyond the given possession date to account for any rare unforeseen delay.

Modern Amenities

When you are shortlisting projects for buying your house, one of the topmost priority on your checklist should be the amenities which each developer is offering. Reputed developers can afford the best of Indian and international architects, landscape designers, interior designers and so on. This ensures that they are in a position to offer better and stylish amenities as compared to a smaller developer who is probably doing his first housing project and is tight on finances. Such a developer will not be able to give you the amenities which you should rightfully get for the money that you are paying.

Wide Choice and Easy Home Loan Sanction

Consider yourself lucky if you are funding your house entirely on your own and do not need any external funds such as a home loan or personal borrowing. However, if you do need some funds to fill the gap between your down payment amount and the total property cost, then you will have to go in for a home loan. This is where choosing a reputed developer is important, as their project will be pre-approved by banks and housing finance companies. These lenders would have a thorough due diligence of each and every aspect of the developer’s project in which you are seeking to buy an apartment. As a reputed developer sticks to all the rules while land acquisition and construction, you will get a housing loan from all leading banks and housing finance companies on this project. This will give you a wide choice of lenders and you can negotiate with all of them to get the best home loan deal.

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