Ten Easy Steps of Kitchen Remodeling

Published On July 2, 2019 | By Poly Dom | Home

Kitchen is the heart of any house where you cook for your family healthy living. But, sometimes the kitchen is designed impractically and awkward. It is the place with maximum footfall happens and maximum time spent. Here are the easy and quick steps for kitchen remodeling by heating floors by heavenly heat. 

  1.   Pen down your plan: The ultimate plan is to make the kitchen more functional and spacious. Sit down and pen down on a paper the changes you want in the kitchen. 
  2.   Choose your style: Look at the different cabinet styles, countertops, and appliances and choose the best style that is as per your choice, fits your budget and suits your budget. 

Step 3: Check the various options available. Take reviews and recommendations from your friends, relatives, and acquaintances to find the best contractor. Discuss your budget and ask the approximate time to be taken for completion of the budget. A good and professional contractor will provide the contact numbers of the past references.  Hire only the one whom you trust after having a discussion.

  1.   Step 4: Finalization of design and budget: Once you have signed the contract to with the contractor, now is the time to discuss out the budget and finalize the design. This will help the contractor to design as per your need that fits your budget as well. Your contractor should use advanced computer CAD software to show you the full- color renderings of your kitchen.

Step 5: Select actual items: Once, you have finalized with design and budget with your contractor, now is the time to purchase actual cabinets,  colors, and appliances for your kitchen. This is the time to upgrade the countertops and appliances if you wish to. Your contractor should supply all kinds of materials. 

Step 6: Prepare your kitchen for the remodels: Prepare your kitchen for the remodeling. Remove decorations, food, and dishes from the cabinet. Remove those cabinets that are not part of remodeling. Clean those which are to reused again. Remove furniture if any. 

Step 7: Start remodeling: Start remodeling now. Demolish and remove the kitchen parts. After the major construction is over, now is the time for plumbing and fittings of electrical appliances. Once they are done, you can see the actual kitchen style in shape 

Step 8: Do every inspection: After the completion of your project, it is necessary to do a proper inspection. Both you and your contractor should the inspection thoroughly and try to fix out if there is an issue left unaddressed. 

Step 9: Go over the finished kitchen: Look for the defects inside the kitchen and ask for the final adjustments with the contractor. Heating floors by heavenly heat provides a solution to all problems.

Step 10: Ask for the warranty: Ask for the warranty of labor and the materials that your contractor is providing. This can range from 1 to 5 years.  


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