Roofing Options for your New Home in Mississauga

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A house is incomplete if proper roofing is not done. Roofing repair Mississauga by D’Angelo Roofing has various options which consist of certain pros and cons. You may wonder which one is the most appropriate. Below are some common roofing options which you can choose for your new home.

  1. Traditional Asphalt Shingles –

It is noted that organic or traditional asphalt shingles provide a vibrant look. They consist of a granular texture.

  • Traditional asphalt is affordable shingle on the market, coming at very low cost.
  • In comparison to fiberglass shingles, traditional asphalt is waterproof and easily holds up to cold temperatures.
  • As defined these asphalt are vibrant and come in a rainbow of colors. Hence, it is best suitable for all kinds of home.

The only disadvantage is that it does not stay for a longer period of time and are less flame resistant.

  1. Fiberglass based asphalt shingles

They are similar to organic asphalt in outer appearance. It is a mixture of durable fiberglass mat and colorful granules.

  • It is fire resistant which means less flammable compared to traditional asphalt. Hence, it does not melt under extreme heat.
  • Fiberglass shingles are highly durable. It can withstand harsh wind and hail.
  • Also, it comes with a wide variety of colorful options similar to organic shingles.

The major drawback of fiberglass shingles is that in extremely low temperature it can easily break or get damaged. Apart from that, it is more prone to algae.

  1. Metal Roofing

As they are flexible in appearance and available in different forms of material, metal roofing is most suitable for your new home.

  • Light in weight compared to other materials. Hence, comes with high flexibility.
  • It lasts for 50 years or so if maintained properly.
  • It is highly resistant to UV rays, insects, cracking and algae. Addition to that it is fireproof.
  • The best part is you can recycle metal roofing.
  • Your cost to make your house cool is reduced as it reflects radiant solar heat.

The disadvantage of such roofing is that it causes a great amount of sound. Also, it is slippery material and accumulates snow. It can also cost you high.

  1. Wooden Roofing

One of the attractive option, which many people prefer is wood shingles. You can blend the house with nature. Hence, for homes in a rural area, you can opt for such roofing.

  • Wood shingles are well-insulated. It keeps the house cool in summer and retains heat in winter. Hence, the carbon footprint comes down and also energy is saved.
  • The best part is, wood shingles are recyclable.

The drawback is, wood shingles are costly, flammable and requires high maintenance.

  1. Slate shingles

It is a unique material used for roofing which is very smooth and makes your home look elegant… Roofing repair Mississauga by D’Angelo Roofing is an expert in this.

  • It stays for long.
  • It does not catch fire.

However, it gets easily damaged and is expensive too.

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